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  1. Chaitons does not participate in OCIs but does does send out invitations for In-Firms
  2. sven

    Toronto 2017 2L Recruitment

    some firms will send them out the day after OCIs, and others will wait until closer to call day
  3. sven

    Waitlist 2014

    I've been under review since late January as well.
  4. sven

    Rejected 2014

    Rejected. 3.46 / 3.6 / 162. No email, just checked Student Centre
  5. sven

    Accepted 2014

    anyone else's status still pending?
  6. sven

    Rejected 2014

    Not sure where I am on the OSLAS scale. I already asked them to resend me my scores. 3.46 gpa at McGill. Recieved by email.
  7. sven

    Rejected 2014

    Windsor was the first place that ive heard from. Wrote my LSAT in December (3rd time).
  8. sven

    Rejected 2014

    Rejected today. Stats: 162 LSAT 80.9% LAA Decent softs. Good luck to everyone else!