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  1. thegoodlaw

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    I think you'll struggle to find a fixed 40-hour work week in law generally, whether on or off Bay Street. There are a few exceptions: in-house, or maybe a small town practice. Other than those exceptions, I personally do not know any lawyer in private practice who has a strict 9-5 schedule. Ultimately, it's a question of how you define it. Do you define law firm hours as "unpredictable and long" or "flexible and mutually accommodating"? If you can characterize it as the latter, you're okay.
  2. thegoodlaw

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    I think the bottom line should be that you follow the culture of your workplace. There are some workplaces that encourage taking time off to mend yourself, be one with nature, blah blah (clearly I don't belong to that camp). Then there's the other side that says that you should work your ass off, but in a way that doesn't completely destroy you. The end goal of articling is to impress your principal/employer. Do that. In my office, disappearing for two weeks is not going to go down well. Neither is the argument that you need vacations or else your mental health will suffer. Now if you strongly believe in taking time off and your employer does not, that may raise a question of compatibility that may need to be addressed when you arrive at the hire back stage.
  3. thegoodlaw

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    There is truth to that! It was by no means a walk in the park, even though after the fact I can say that I worried too much and it was simply a page-flipping exercise. In the moment, when you're flipping those pages for that answer, you're sweating.
  4. thegoodlaw

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    I subscribe to the school of thought that says that you shouldn't take vacations during articling. For those 10 months you're trying to learn the ropes (with a very steep learning curve), and proving yourself to be a dependable, potentially profitable, member of the firm. There will be plenty of opportunities to take vacations later. Foregoing it for a year will not kill you, or lead to a mental health crisis.
  5. thegoodlaw

    Natural Disaster/Accommodation

    The Ottawa tornado? LSAC is probably the only place where your question will be accurately answered. All you're going to get here are guesses.
  6. thegoodlaw

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    Surely a quicker and cheaper option is to just hang out at any bar or restaurant on Bay Street.
  7. thegoodlaw

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    I think the highlighted is the critical point. Tuition is rising at a crazy rate these days. Between 1L and 3L, my tuition rose by 25%. I understand that the trend is continuing. UofT is almost up to $40k/year. If the Law Society goes with the pure LPP licencing option (which is quite likely), then add another $15,000 for that. There is a tipping point where paying that kind of tuition will only make sense if you expect to land a starting salary of $100k+
  8. thegoodlaw

    Privilege is...

    It is problematic to focus on outward diversity. No barriers are being broken when an Asian or Indian student is admitted, but they grew up in Forest Hill, went to Branksome Hall, and had both parents working in high-paying jobs.
  9. thegoodlaw

    Did You Ever Really "Enjoy" Articling?

    I know someone who hated their articling firm. They did not get along with the people at the firm and did not get any substantive work . They ended up switching to another firm, where they finished their articling term and are now an associate there and loving it. Switching articling positions is possible, if perhaps rare. Maybe that is something that OP should consider.
  10. thegoodlaw

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    So wait. Anything east of Jarvis is practically Scarborough?
  11. thegoodlaw

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    Spending $850 at Indochino for your wedding suit is an abomination.
  12. thegoodlaw

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    For full context, wife spends $4500 on a wedding dress and husband spends $850 on a suit from Indochino? Guy needs to get his priorities straight.
  13. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Not if you wear it with this double-breasted masterpiece.
  14. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Drop them in the sun.
  15. thegoodlaw

    The TRUTH about law school

    I think a nice compromise name that will keep everyone happy is "that nuclear bunker near Jane and Finch".