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  1. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Burgundy/oxblood shoes are actually very versatile and go well with both blue and grey suits. They're very classy and different from your run of the mill tan brown shoes.
  2. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    I think black shoes do work with a navy suit, albeit a dark navy suit. Brown works best, though.
  3. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Don't wear suede shoes with a suit.
  4. thegoodlaw

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    I'm thinking of getting a typewriter to write my Statement of Principles. It just seems appropriate.
  5. thegoodlaw

    Advice About My Beard

    Preserve the majesty of thy beard, good sir. Any clean-shaven heathen who tells you otherwise does not understand the power of the mighty beard.
  6. thegoodlaw

    We're Starting Articles Soon. Give us advice!

    Get away from your desk every once in a while. Stretch your legs. If you have access to your window, stand and stare out of it for a few minutes and marvel at the mass of humanity going about their business below (and spot the crazy uber eats cyclist for extra points!) I remember the first couple of weeks of articling were quite rough for me. But soon I got used to it and the stamina built up accordingly. It's kind of like training for a marathon. Initially, you can only go for 30 minutes before needing a break. Over time you can do 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, etc. and then you're eventually able to do the whole thing. Hang in there.
  7. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Yes, you don't need one if they are tailored properly, but it's also a fashion accessory. I've always preferred belts. They create a nice border between the trousers and shirts, imo.
  8. thegoodlaw

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    For me, the general rule is that you should be able to fit an index finger between your collar and neck when the top button is fastened. I've never really had a problem with loose/tight ties. I suspect it's because I have all of my shirts made with very stiff collars (personal preference), so my ties never really move once I tie them, or it is not possible to tighten them too much.
  9. thegoodlaw

    The Sartorial Canon

    Excellent points. You should always strive for sprezzatura.
  10. thegoodlaw

    Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    That look makes business sense, in some cases. Also, re: bold. There is no such thing as a normal suit, imo. Every suit conveys a message. A "forgettable" suit in my opinion conveys conservatism, timidness, or a lack of thought put in one's image. I personally don't go for three piece suits right now because I'm a young lawyer who wants to convey youth, especially when there is a sizable age difference between me and the other lawyers at my firm. For that reason, I go for modern cuts and slim fit, with funky socks thrown in. Suits are an extension of your brand. Is it a bit base? Perhaps. But let's not pretend that the first thing most people notice about you, or in some cases put great stock in, is how you present yourself.
  11. thegoodlaw

    Suits For Men

    Extreme contrasting pinstripes will generally be a hard look to pull off, regardless of whether you're a student or a partner. And if you mean by New York Yankees a white suit with blue pinstripes, just stop. Don't do it. I'm a junior associate and have two pinstriped suits. Both are subtle dark colours (although one has peak lapels, adding a little bit of flair). It's a very traditional, old-school look in my opinion, something that matches wood paneling and oil paintings more than white marble and frosted glass. But with these things you really have to exercise your judgment on the kind of environment you work in and the kind of clothes that will allow you to either fit in or make you look silly.
  12. thegoodlaw

    Business Card Etiquette

    For what it's worth, if a student gave me their "business card", I won't be impressed. I'd probably think "what the fuck" and promptly lose the card. At these events, you should be trying to get their cards, not handing out yours.
  13. thegoodlaw

    Privilege is...

    And how does that advance this debate? I'm not going to engage with you further.
  14. thegoodlaw

    Privilege is...

    I'm not white.
  15. thegoodlaw

    Privilege is...

    Well I disagree that white privilege is a thing independent of economic privilege.