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  1. Actually, they all land just fine and many are much happier. Edit to add: one of these days I will write a long ass post about how not landing a big law job is not the end of the world, and that you can end up doing better quality, higher paying work, on the same hallowed street.
  2. The thing about family law is this: 1) You need to be in Ontario in order to learn about Ontario family law, and 2) most family lawyers/law firms are small, which requires a greater connection to the city and more hustle on your part to get a job. Being in Montreal is a disadvantage. These considerations are not determinative. Good grades and an established commitment to the field will still land you interviews in Toronto, IMO. That a McGill degree is an LLB instead of a JD means nothing.
  3. The only advantage that UofT gives you with respect to career opportunities is in corporate/Bay Street type jobs, which you say you're not interested in. What will you miss out on? The higher debt (as previously said), higher cost of living, cursing at the TTC (although you could get the same with Osgoode), and maybe the passive hatred of your cohort, which is a UofT specialty regardless of faculty.
  4. thegoodlaw

    Possibility to get a job after JD without PR

    Your immigration status would not normally be an issue in the interview stage, unless you mention it.
  5. thegoodlaw

    Admission to BC Society and Good Character

    Public drunkenness is, what we call in this profession, a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement.
  6. It's not that difficult to gain acceptance to Trinity College on the merits. When you apply to UofT, you are asked to rank which college you would like to be assigned to. Anecdotally, I have heard that if people don't pick Trinity as their first choice, it is an automatic decline (but then that student may be assigned to another college). The manner in which people are assigned to colleges is very murky, and that a disproportionate number of Trinity students are graduates of private schools like UCC, Branksome, UTS, or St. Andrews shows a bias, from both student and/or the admission committee. Nobody outside of UofT knows or cares about Trinity. But if one Trinity alumnus met another Trinity alumnus, the connection would propel you further (I think) than whatever advantage would be gained from any other undergraduate's alumni connection.
  7. Yes, I think it's fair to say that they are disliked by other arts and science students. Snobbery (which is amply displayed by some Trinity students/alumni) doesn't go down too well with others.
  8. As someone who's familiar with the aura of Trin, I partially agree with that. It really only comes into play if you're sitting across another Trin boy (or girl, but they call it the old boy's club for a reason). Exchanging notes on how to evict the plebian classes from the Quad can be a powerful bonding moment, apparently. Having said that, other UofT grads generally dislike Trin, so if you try to play that card it may backfire with others.
  9. thegoodlaw

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    There is a lot of noise in law school. The 1Ls will be telling you how stressed they are, how far behind/ahead they are in the readings, all the hours they are putting in, how they get it (implying others don't), how they're aiming for prizes and medals, etc etc. The 2Ls will be giving you all sorts of advice on studying, which are often more contradictory than complimentary, and bragging about their OCIs, or complaining about them. And more talk about OCIs, and in-firms, and post-OCI jobs, and articling recruits, etc etc. The 3Ls will be telling you how the whole thing is a scam and there aren't enough articling jobs (especially those 3Ls who don't have articling jobs) and the pay isn't great (read: $60,000+ on average, which is akin to poverty), and how they threw away money and time they could have spent doing this thing or that, etc etc. Ignore them. Do your thing. Pick advice that you think makes sense and fits your habits. Keep it under control. Run your race as best you can.
  10. They must be blue in the face, because everyone knows that UofT (bleed blue) is the Harvard of the North.
  11. No. And if they do, you don't want to work there.
  12. thegoodlaw

    unusual (?) articling experience

    Are you the first articling student they have had? When that is the case, they usually don't know what to do with you and slowly get used to the idea of delegating work. But you have to keep asking.
  13. It is possible. I would stay focused on classes for maybe the first 2 or 3 weeks, and then the extracurriculars would ramp up and I would pay less attention. I would then read everything in the 3 weeks before exams. Mind you, I would pull 15 hour days towards the end. But it's doable, and I did just fine in law school. Pretty sure this is not the right strategy for being a medalist, though.
  14. thegoodlaw

    Getting Married in Law School

    This is really confusing. Iceland has it right. Just add a "son" or "dottir" to the father's first name.
  15. thegoodlaw

    Lsuc Spot Audit Scheduled

    Treat them nicely and be helpful. Apparently such treatment is rare.