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  1. Do people ever get kicked out of JD/MBA? I mean even if you get all B's in your classes, one or two C's totally messes up your average requirement of 5.5 (B) which is higher than that required of straight JD students. What's the deal with this?
  2. Hey Im a current first year in the program doing the 4 year option. I decided to do it in 4 years because I wanted the summers off to pursue internship opportunities. That being said, I do not want to practice law in any capacity and am using the degree to leverage what i want to do in the tech sector, so internships are important. Its nice to get some time off.
  3. Can you talk about the workload in 1L? I've heard horror stories from the other guys doing the JD/MBA.
  4. Can you do a specialization (ie. IP) if you're in the joint program?
  5. Hey everyone. Im applying to the JD/MBA program and had some questions. I've already been admitted to osgoode, and am writing the GMAT at the end of this month. I'm somewhat concerned because my math skills are not that great, my quant score is much lower than my verbal. Does anyone have any experience applying to the program and can they share their thoughts? I see not many people have graduated from it, do few people apply? Thanks
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