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  1. Congrats all! I'm a current 1L. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/queries about Ottawa.
  2. This could be true. But I am simply saying the Red Wings do not provide awesome sporting events. https://www.nhl.com/standings/2017/league
  3. Never claimed Ottawa was a host to awesome sporting events.
  4. I hope you’re not talking about the Red Wings because they definitely do not provide awesome sporting events - unless you consider watching them lose all the time to be an awesome sporting event?
  5. I can definitely attest to your statement. Thanks for the encouragement
  6. Yeah, I agree. Maybe using the word horrible was a bit extreme. I should be more humble about this stuff. Thanks for your input
  7. Thanks for the message. You are correct. I am applying at my law school's legal clinic. It is a paid position. Students basically work on files with review counsel. I was already viewing the crown summer positions for 1Ls and 2Ls, but there were no positions in the city I live in. I don't know how feasible it would have been to move during the summer to work. Plus, I only came across I think only 1L position. The rest were 2L positions. At any rate, I decided against applying because I figured I could apply to my school to work at the legal clinic. I am in the process of making my resume and cover letter And @lioness - thank you for the post. However, I have been told that that my grades are not necessarily 'bad'. This confusion was the reason why I initially posted in this thread. I thought a B average was horrible. I am not sure if you read what my average was elsewhere, but if you did, is a B actually bad? (if you read this maximumbob - I am sorry. I know you said a B average is average, but this post reignited my fear).
  8. Don't worry. This it not uncommon. January is considered early in the cycle. You have a good chance of getting in. It is simply a waiting game at this point.
  9. Hi, Sorry for the delay. And again, thank you for all these detailed posts. I just want to bring up three points. First, I think I am more interested in the Crown side. How, if at all, does this change your advice? Second, let's just assume that the couple of C+s that I got on my midterms were final grades. I do believe I can raise my average to higher than a B, where it currently stands, by the end of law school. How badly will those C+s come back to haunt me? I know you said the C in torts (which was actually a C+ lol ) doesn't matter, but I am not sure if you are giving that advice on the basis of it being a final, or a midterm grade. Third, I am applying to the Legal Clinic at school for 1L summer. I have the following questions about cover letters: What do you suggest I put in my cover letter? Should I try to "explain away" the couple of C+s? You mentioned service earlier. I have some retail experience from before law school. I also have some pro bono experience from before law school as well. Are these the kinds of experiences you are referring to? Should I even bring this up in my cover letter? If there is one thing I absolutely must, must, must include, what would it be? Thanks Hegdis
  10. These posts were amazing. Really. They were absolutely fantastic. Thank you SO much. Just wanted to quickly post and say I am going to respond to all of this tomorrow Just didn't want you thinking I was leaving you high and dry! Again, thank you so, so much.
  11. That is so reassuring haha. Profs at my school also said if your average is B or higher then you are doing well. But I just didn’t know how true that is. Profs say the same thing in undergrad, even though a B in undergrad isn’t that good. But it seems like it’s actually true for law school.
  12. You're not being mean. I came to this board because I like honesty. So thank you for that. You are right though. I had straight As in undergrad so the grades I am getting now are a bit of a shock. It will take some getting used to. I guess I just needed reassurance that I should not think I am absolutely screwed with a B average. I just wanted reassurance that I can still work in criminal law. And I think it seems like I can. So again thank you. Thank you Hegdis. That means a lot. If you're still up to it, I would like to hear anything else you have to say. It's always satisfying to read your posts and advice. I will never turn down being spoken to by you I was worried that my grades, even though not final grades, might close some criminal law doors. I am interested in defence or Crown work. And to everyone else who chimed in, thank you very much. Reading the posts was reassuring. I won't lie, I told myself I should just drop out now to save myself the time and money (I know, that is probably very dramatic). But I won't anymore. So really, thank you.
  13. You mentioned average grades. Is a B average with a couple C+s considered average? I’m not interested in Bay Street. I’m interested in criminal law. Let’s just say I maintain these exact grades. Will they close the door to criminal law work? One midterm I got the C+ on was worth 60%. However, if I do better on the final in April, it will be worth 60% and the midterm from fall will be worth 40%. And like I mentioned above the other midterm I got the C+ on is for a fail safe course.
  14. They are all midterm grades. One course I got the C+ in is fail safe. If I get a higher mark on the final in April it is worth 100%. What I meant about not being sure of what’s good and what’s not good is within the context of landing a job. I am not sure what grades employers generally look for. I am not sure what if any doors my current grades will close if I do not raise them next term. Yes, the other C+ was in torts. The only other evaluation for that course is a final in April.
  15. Just want to bump this thread. I got my fall term marks back and I have a B average. I also have a couple C+s. The C+ is my lowest grade. I have no idea what to think. I went from undergrad where I got straight As to this. I really do not know what's good and what's not good in law school. Am I screwed? What doors are closed for me?
  16. From a 1L in the middle of exam season, thank you to everyone for all the advice This thread is so helpful.
  17. The curve is definitely frightening. Thanks so much for your input though. It's so reassuring. Seems like you and I had different experiences. The readings are pretty heavy at my school. I also had somewhat of a background in law before law school. So my concern is opposite to your situation when you were in 1L - it's about quantity for me, not novelty. But I think you're right - it gets better with experience. Don't get me wrong though. I wouldn't trade what I am doing for anything. I am happy to put in the work. I enjoy putting in the work - it's satisfying. I am very happy right now. But I was just saying I hope 2L/3L is different workload wise. Seems like it is, because of the developed experience. Thanks for your input
  18. Yes, I am very excited to be able to pick my own courses in upper years. Thanks so much for your help though Really appreciate it.
  19. So basically the stress still exists, but it exists within a different context. Yeah, I figured the stress would not evaporate. But in terms of workload and school/life balance, does it get better in 2L? Maybe you already answered this when you said it depends on the person. But I would appreciate any insight on the workload of 2L compared to 1L.
  20. Not to derail, but is this true? Does it actually get better after 1L? Dying over here.
  21. Haha - that I cannot comment on. My undergrad was one of the few for which OLSAS did not make us pay to have our transcripts submitted. But for the other schools, I would imagine you have to pay again, yes.
  22. Yes. Request to submit your fall transcript the same way you requested to have your transcript submitted when you initially applied.
  23. You must submit your fall transcripts when all your fall semester's grades are in. The GPA will update shortly after OLSAS receives the transcript.
  24. Yes, you should get an offer. Probably sometime between January and March.
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