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  1. I'm assuming beyondsection17 was referring to schools that already had a current class. If Ryerson's incoming first class is 150, it will indeed be a smaller class than Western.
  2. Try checking the Huron website, or reaching out via email.
  3. Buy the Huron pass. Separate from the general Western pass, and only gives you access to the lot at Huron, but it's one of the closest to the law school, and almost never fills up (maybe once the first week of classes, then people stop showing up). And when it does fill up, people just park in the ditch without getting ticketed. I could show up any time of day and have a spot in the Huron lot.
  4. I think you get a better sense of her one on one, or in smaller groups. She's awesome, really cares about the school and students, and is very nice.
  5. From my experience in business school and speaking to professors, the work experience (and being able to draw on that) is what makes the MBA valuable. If you don't have work experience, you aren't going to get nearly as much out of the MBA.
  6. Wait, so is it the marijuana and smartphone, or the avocado toast that means I will never be able to buy a house in Toronto?
  7. Depends on the firm, but at some, reception has very little to do with interviews, so telling reception you need to leave by a certain time won't do anything.
  8. They will likely offer you slots. Or might ask what you want. You need to be able to work with the fact that schedules (yours and the firms) are changing every second. It will all be fine. The perfect maximum amount for Monday depends on what you are able to schedule. If you can schedule 8, 10, 1, 3,5 or something similar, great. But what if you can do 8, 10:30, 1:30, and 3:30? In the second case, fitting in 5 may or may not work.
  9. FYI all - it's currently Bay Days, which can be a great time to pick up some relatively well-priced office attire. There's not a lot in the way of suits, but lots of dresses/blouses/jackets.
  10. Your PBSC experience is going to vary wildly depending on which project you get. Some are a lot more work/hours/experience.
  11. There were a few people in my year who took notes by hand, but not the majority.
  12. I think my materials in London arrived a day or two after the initial pickup date in Toronto. It really wasn't a material amount of time, and didn't impact my bar studying.
  13. I looked at Blossom Gate and ultimately chose elsewhere. Once I was actually living in London, I remember thinking that I was very glad I didn't live there. I didn't know any other law students living out that way, and it seemed very far from campus/other social activities.
  14. Welcome to Western. These emails will happen for the rest of your time there.
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