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  1. Your PBSC experience is going to vary wildly depending on which project you get. Some are a lot more work/hours/experience.
  2. There were a few people in my year who took notes by hand, but not the majority.
  3. I think my materials in London arrived a day or two after the initial pickup date in Toronto. It really wasn't a material amount of time, and didn't impact my bar studying.
  4. I looked at Blossom Gate and ultimately chose elsewhere. Once I was actually living in London, I remember thinking that I was very glad I didn't live there. I didn't know any other law students living out that way, and it seemed very far from campus/other social activities.
  5. Welcome to Western. These emails will happen for the rest of your time there.
  6. Not strictly accurate. I'm not from Ontario, but attended an Ontario law school. I was asked some variation of "why Toronto" in a number of my OCI interviews. (Not all - probably about 1/3 to 1/2).
  7. The building has lockers. I believe they were free in 1L, and then something like $5 a year in upper years? It might even be a refundable deposit.
  8. Western has classes in sports law, and the Sport Solution clinic (where you are actually assisting athletes in disputes). Plus, they have Richard McLaren on staff, who is a prominent sports lawyer.
  9. Yes! Bay Days is also great. Also, if you're in Toronto (and maybe in other large cities? I just haven't tried), take advantage of the Bays personal shopper. You make an appointment, give them your size and price range, and style you are looking for. I found everything I needed in 2 hours, without having to sort through racks of clothes. It was amazing.
  10. The students from Western will be in suits, dresses with blazers, or some kind of dress pants/blazer combo, if that helps! Dress pants, heels, and a blouse would be fine though. If you're really worried, add a blazer. Also I don't ever recall guests (or not many) at the reception.
  11. I found my place in June, and there was still lots of selection in London. Don't stress about it.
  12. Some mingling, some remarks from alumni, some remarks from the Dean, and then more mingling with accepted students, current students, law school staff, and alumni who work at Torys. Also open bar & snacks.
  13. Anonymous until the editors look at the metadata to find out who wrote the paper... 🤔
  14. The Upper Year Summary box hasn't been updated since I was in 1L or before (and I have graduated). Not overly useful - you're better off just asking around!
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