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  1. get a 160+ LSAT and you got a good shot everywhere in Ontario except UofT
  2. it goes by the day you instruct your bank. Doesn't matter when the money lands.
  3. It baffles me to see how much my peers in my cohort (class of 2019) worry so much about the ceremony. If it means so much, just go to your backyard, wrap yourself in a suffocating blanket, and read a phonebook aloud for 3 hours.
  4. gowlings only hired back like half, bloodbath there
  5. I been there before. I have been rejected, waitlisted, and before I was accepted to Western.
  6. Just a reminder to everyone to apply for the LPP before the deadline. You can always withdraw from your LPP and credit your paid LPP fees towards Articling fees once you get a job. However, there are late fees if you apply to the LPP too late.
  7. at this stage of the year, you're probably finished if it still says applied
  8. it's a joke, not a C+ in 1L contracts - yall don't really gotta take it that hard.
  9. Miller Thomson can't get no respect. Everyone wants to "p" on them by adding a p to Thomson.
  10. I'm waiting for a ranking list still. Pls fix thx.
  11. it's very easy to gloss over stuff as the material is just so dense. Agree with above that highlighting keeps you honest with reading.
  12. Kinda, but from upper years I've spoken to, if you are honest with yourself, it's pretty obvious which hireback category you fall under. Ie, if you wanted to be hired back in practice group A B or C, but they put you in group D, and offer to put you in touch with career development coaches. If you still move into a $10,000/month penthouse after that, that's kinda on you 😂
  13. It's always been that way. the 100% hireback is more branding/marketting/image/etc. than anything. There's the 6 month hireback to stat pad, and then there's the actual hireback to retain people they truly want.
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