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  1. Your story about how you service big fish guy is awesome. If I may ask, how do you go about reeling in a big fish like that so early on in your career? Again, maybe I am still going through the shock of articling where I basically only learned that I know nothing so I can't imagine going out there and trying to provide legal advice within the next 24 months. I feel giving out bad/wrong legal advice is basically a disservice to the client and our legal profession at large. So I guess my question is - how did you convince Big Fish Guy to give you a chance? Why wouldn't he have gone to someone with a bit more seasoning under his/her belt? Maybe legal fees is one factor? I suppose more senior lawyers also don't or won't give him the same time of day you would in terms of responsiveness. But obviously I'm just spitballing and guessing, and would love to hear you talk about it if you don't mind.
  2. Wow the 2nd year part surprised me. As someone who just wrapped up articles, there's so much I KNOW that I don't know. I feel like even two years from now, I'd be afraid to go out and offer legal advice, let alone manage the the other facets of a solo practice. If you don't mind me asking, what convinced you that marinating for "only" two years in the legal field is enough to competently go out there and play lawyer. I was under the impression I probably needed to build a rolodex of clients and learn for a good five years before even thinking of such a move. Look forward to your thoughts!
  3. UofT just does things different because they're UofT. Even their grading is different. I say this as someone who was rejected by Western before getting in the next cycle. Like all of you, during my wait I tried to cling onto different explanations as to why my status hasn't changed. I kept calling admin frequently in June/July/August- so much so that Nanette knew me immediately by my voice and was able to tell me nothing has changed. I posted here for encouragement, and just focused on the messages saying "you never know", "maybe we'll get there". Perhaps COVID has changed the way at which admin does things, but I've had the luxury to look back on this process for the past four years now and the pattern is largely the same. If you havent heard back by now, you are likely rejected. Obviously, nothing is impossible, but at some point, it's better to work on your app for next cycle. Perhaps you need consider enrolling into another year of school before next semester's deadline if your GPA is borderline. Or if you're lucky to get another offer, jump on that if there's a deadline to accept. Western is probably not in the cards now.
  4. Applied = you're done. It's time to move forward and prepare for next cycle. Admin doesnt manually reject each one on a rolling basis. All the rejections will come at once.
  5. It's not having the study materials that makes you perform on the test; it's the making of the study materials.
  6. immediately went to lawandstyle announcements and couldn't find firms announcing partnerships around that time which match his description
  7. you can't instagram an archived stream to accumulate likes my friend
  8. You don't know me. But as the poster below you also noted, there's 1000+ law students coming through the system every year. To think that that any one articled student situation is so unique that it requires celebration is arrogant.
  9. It's not a coincidence that [your salary] divided by [your target] is exactly 40%. When you earn 45% of everything thereafter, you are essentially getting a 5% bonus. In a (small) firm environment, tying your compensation to how much work actually comes in and how much money is actually collected makes logical sense from a management perspective. The more important part is to ensure that there is no funny business in counting your hours (ie. if a Partner writes down hours on a file, how does it affect your target hours?)
  10. I also think yall at least 25 years old now. Like come on. Are you only a lawyer if you can post to the instragam a picture of you at a bar ceremony with the hastag #lawyered Blows my mind how many people are going bananas about potentially not receiving a bar ceremony.
  11. get a 160+ LSAT and you got a good shot everywhere in Ontario except UofT
  12. it goes by the day you instruct your bank. Doesn't matter when the money lands.
  13. It baffles me to see how much my peers in my cohort (class of 2019) worry so much about the ceremony. If it means so much, just go to your backyard, wrap yourself in a suffocating blanket, and read a phonebook aloud for 3 hours.
  14. gowlings only hired back like half, bloodbath there
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