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  1. in hindsight, the ideal time to vacation in 1L was during Jan Term
  2. If you do the work, you can't fail All of us who made it to law school and passed has the requisite intelligence and common sense to do this. Believe in yourself.
  3. You should be fine, but you can email Admin to cover your bases.
  4. sucks but ya gotta buy a new transcript order
  5. you only need to pass, unless you're getting a scholarship, in which case there may be grades to keep.
  6. Not entirely correct. Every upper year (2L and 3L) officially gets the Toronto infirms days off (Mon-Wed). It's literally called a Study Break for those three days. A proportion of 2Ls will have Toronto interviews (unfortunately many will not or some do not participate). Naturally if you have interviews, you aren't taking study break off. Other 2Ls will. Class resume that Thursday but most people just take the week off. Some profs even cancel the Thursday/Friday classes if they are nice. 1L's do not get these days off because they have ADR. 3L is a joke.
  7. These roles are good for the firm, not so good for the person doing this role. However, it pays well per hour, and it's a good gap filler between jobs. That's about it. If you look at the top firms (by M&A deal volume), you will notice some of them this type of branch to service their main practice areas.
  8. People will get off the waitlist as late as the last week of August. I guess those people have no hope of orgnaizing their life with only a week. Come on, how are you going to be a lawyer and think you can't get your shit together in a week? Good luck managing your 1L courseload if you're stressing over something so small.
  9. Law does not follow the Fall reading week for Western undergrads. First years will go all the way through. Second and third years technically get a "fall study week", but a proportion of the second years will be doing Toronto interviews at that time. Only third year law students truly benefit from this week off.
  10. parking at western sucks and is expensive
  11. Check the facebook group. Many upper years have detailed research about this topic theyll love to share.
  12. Have not heard any of my peers get interview offers. Any news from anyone on the job front?
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