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  1. business law is often code for i want to make bay street salaries. Traditionally speaking, a flat B makes it hard for that.
  2. you might want to consider a victory lap where you score 3.7+. That would be much helpful than anything
  3. in the time it took you to worry and write this post, you could have shot over a thank you note already. yes, test are scored quantitatively, but the scorers are still human. I just have to ask for those of you who question sending emails, what are you doing with those 5 minutes you saved?
  4. It doesn't hurt, and what do you have you lose? If I were in your shoes, I would send 4 emails. Each email addressed the 2 lawyers that interviewed you every block. Purely anecdotal but I can tell you a positive experience for myself. I interviewed with 6 lawyers at a firm. I sent my thank you emails as usual, and one of the lawyers took that email and CC'd the lawyer who was going to interview me the next day. I thought that was kinda cool. Maybe this lawyer would have done it anyway without a thank you email, but I'll never know. Point is, it cost 2 minutes of my time to send a thank you email, and there's no downside. Realistically, I was just repasting the same template and changing one sentence anyway.
  5. Sorry for quad posting, but I wanted to make sure everyone got an answer. Feel free to reach out to me by pm. I know the recruit is a stressful time, and I know how easy it is to overthink things.
  6. Asap. Why wait? Tell me what is your rationale for waiting?
  7. I really enjoy talking to X and Y. I especially enjoyed X's story about her time working here. The story really resonated with me and I think I could really see myself working at the firm and adding value to your files. I look forward to meeting with more lawyers at your firm and really learn about the work at your firm.
  8. it depends Did you just poke your head into their office for 30 seconds? If so, then probably not. Did two lawyers interview you at the same time? In which case, I would write one email addressing the both of them.
  9. Hate to burst your bubble, but for the purposes recruit, what matters is grades, and then grades, and then grades. Work/volunteer/EC matter much less than law students like to think.
  10. Mix of both. If salary is important to you, then just ask at the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions. It's fair game.
  11. get the LSAT up, then ask again.
  12. i had offers anywhere from 800 to 1200 a week during last year's recruit for that type of firm.
  13. strong chance, might be later in the cycle.
  14. Be a normal person. Don't come off desperate, it's not attractive and people can smell that a mile away.
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