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  1. anyone hear anything new?
  2. Extracurriculars generally will not make up for otherwise mediocre/average marks
  3. I thought the fidelity posting was for 2018-2019, there was one for 2019-2020?
  4. That's the thing. Every passing recruit, every passing year, my zeal and joy continues to drop regarding my career prospects. Look at the articling recruit - majority of the firms who were hiring do insurance litigation. Not to insult people with legitimate interest in that field, but do students really enter law schooling being excited to do insurance defense work? I don't know. Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. But that's the type of work available. However, if we were to be picky and follow our dreams of trying business law work, then there's maybe 5 firms you could have applied to this recruit. Probably smarter to apply broadly.
  5. For the record that's my point - Big Firms give a shit or at least pretend to give a shit about diversity/inclusion/whatever you call it. Small to Mid sized firms do not have the resource or capacity to care about this.
  6. See, I like that feedback more than anything I've been told. I suppose you are right that no recruiter will ever say that to me. I think there are things you said in there that ring true. Perhaps like you said, I can't hide that vibe if I'm emitting that negative energy that I am subconsciously doing.
  7. Yep i don't think we disagree here. So then when I go ask them for feedback please tell me why or why not about wowing the interviewers! Tell me why my interest is not being demonstrated enough! But at the debrief, I am told everyone liked me, and my candidacy was solid. Just we had people ahead who were a better fit for the firm than you, H. You will thrive wherever you go, please keep me posted!
  8. True, but getting screened means I have demonstrated enough interest and tailored my app relative to hundreds of people who were cut. I get the possibly about not wowing them at the interview but... I was invited back for more interviews so I am thinking they were wowed (at least initially)? I don't know providence. I'm not trying to be a smart ass here. But when I am already running at top speed and the response is run faster, then I have nothing for you.
  9. I have no gaps in my resume. I have legal experience this summer in the relevant practice that I am interviewing for. If I received an interview, I imagine then my application was tailored enough to pass their screening. Is that fair to assume? Best possible flow - I felt fine. Additionally, I got invited to second and third interviews right so again, that's all I have to go on. I get that it's possible to do everything correctly and still come up short. That's not a weakness; that's just life. I appreciate you trying to walk me through it but the answers perplex me too.
  10. Totally agree. I definitely don't think I did perfect. If i did perfect, then you would have hired me. Yet whenever I reach out to these firms, that's the debrief. I push and say can you just be blunt and candid? We are doing this over the phone so I don't have it on text or recorded to hold it against you. I even say this is off the record and I just need your honesty to improve. Nope, that does not get me further. Further spin on its a numbers game. "Hope it works for you, hymo, i know you will do great wherever you go ". Good luck in future endeavours, And then I'm back at again for the next recruit. Cycle repeats.
  11. I know, but there's only so many times you can take "the chin up, you will be ok" spiel at it's face value when time and time again, the results are not okay. I entered law school with so much enthusiasm and hope as the next chapter in my life. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to automatically be handed jobs because I am earning my JD now. I am ready to go out and earn them. And i'm trying my dang hardest. However, each passing year and each subsequent recruit kills my joy for this whole industry and it just simply sucks.
  12. Erin, I totally understand that. Yet, if apparently there is no "formula" that will get me hired, then saying I need to demonstrate more interest is kind of a vague direction isn't it? At the very least, the firm invited me to interview. To take your example, I have "demonstrated enough interest" and "have a strong enough profile" (ie grades) to beat out 80~ other applicants (in addition to the hundreds to thousands you have already screened), correct?
  13. I didn't respond for that exact reason you listed. I was thinking... are you seriously going to take that position and then lecture me? Classic cognitive dissonance. Thank you for seeing that and I imagine it's a stronger responses coming from someone other than me.
  14. I see the point on the X. So maybe saying I did perfect is a bad adjective to describe my performance then? It's more like your answers were good but you could have improved it by (whatever perfect + X is),
  15. because ? Again, i'm apparently performing perfect at every stage.