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  1. it's not the recruiters' first rodeo. they know what theyre looking for,.
  2. naw, it's a lot of luck. keep active and talking with people. fact of the matter is lawyers of our current vintage is so fungible, so we have to find ways to stand out. If you want to scrub sensitive information from your application, i'm happy to take a look and let you know.
  3. Perhaps we need to circle back why you applied for the job in the first place if you had no intention of taking it. If there are financial pressures, then you gotta make a personal decision here. Anecdotally, I disagree that the market is "tough" for new calls. I am also a 2020 call. It might be tough to get a bay street job (but still some people have done so), but there are tons of jobs. Everyone in my year who was not hired back at their firm have gone on to find employment elsewhere.
  4. Professor Graham is a gem. I made sure to take all his classes (he teaches a lot)
  5. The stereotype or myth that gov't lawyers don't work long is not honestly not really fair to them. Government lawyers at the bigger ministries can find themselves touching 50-60 hour weeks for consecutive months, especially if there's a near-term political mandate. If there are stakeholders that are on other timezones, they may even have to work at weird hours.
  6. why not just rewrite the LSAT.
  7. ironically, there's "tiers" to Oxford law! Look - you too can attend OXFORD [Brookes] Law with "2.2 GPA from a 4-year honours degree" (https://www.brookes.ac.uk/international/your-country/canada/) Must be rigorous.
  8. Not to be that guy, but I can't imagine any PI firm being part of the vaunted "1L Recruit".
  9. Just be a normal human being, rather than trying to look for a script to be a robot.
  10. always be selling. good on the Ry-high Law students to hustle.
  11. Coming from an unknown firm, my transition onto bay street immediately after articling was only successful because of my law school grades. The hiring partner said he was willing to take a chance on my application because of my grades.
  12. Sounds like you should start buildilng a reputation with other partners? Or as a second year associate, the market only continues to open up if you want to stay in private practice.
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