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  1. The thread only represents maybe 20% of the applicants to law school; I’m sure it’s a bit more
  2. That’s actually unfair. Maybe if you left it there the entire summer and say “hey I never got my acceptance letter”
  3. Lol ya I didn’t do any better - I think I’ll benefit from taking a summer lsat that starts at noon
  4. March 05 queue; same stats sadly
  5. Don’t give up friend! Keep pushing through
  6. I’d like to note that they don’t count MA grades, only undergrad. I don’t think having an masters really make it any better
  7. You seem very competitive, so hang tight
  8. What’s your stats and ec like
  9. Did you write the January lsat? I suspect they took you off waitlist because, if you rewrote the lsat, they are reconsidering your application? I don’t know. Maybe they decided last minute they didn’t want you to be waitlisted but put back into the roster as either reject or accept
  10. Look at you now! Accepted instead of rejected!
  11. Windsor will accumulate a large amount of Waitlist and will reject people on the basis of competitiveness around April - May. If you are not competitive, you will hear a rejection in May or so. As for acceptances, that can run until September. I am unsure of the comparison, but I can tell you I see U of O have way more movement for sure.
  12. I am so proud of you!!! Congratulations
  13. They don’t. But I asked them earlier on in the cycle if they could consider my Jan Lsat and they approved it. It does however delay your application I think
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