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  1. I emailed them and asked them for my rank. I guess they forgot to send it out? Any who for reference, World Rank #8
  2. Congrats! When did you receive your acceptance?
  3. Are you a general applicant or access?
  4. No. Uottawa is so unpredictable, you might get an acceptance any time or you might not
  5. Are you currently an international applicant? Or are you in province / in Canada
  6. Did they give you this information? I was told I placed on waitlist and they will provide me a rank. But nothing so far
  7. You could always bring this up to the fb page. Torts Group E right? I’m in that group. There’s also a fb group chat for this group.
  8. Starting this off. Waitlisted this morning. 3.56 cgpa 3.78 l2 154 lsat no interview
  9. I’ve removed myself off the waitlist
  10. I had the same problem, and so did another friend of mine. No emails.
  11. For students who are deciding to move to Ottawa this fall, I've created a peer support group/chat for the upcoming semster. I hope that this chat will provide support for students in the city during these tough times! Please PM me for the link Thank you
  12. I am super conflicted on moving. I think it's great that I can save money on rent and living expenses, but on the other hand, I live in another province with a different time zone (8am classes will be 6am classes for me lol). @erinl2 wrote a great post in another thread whether or not to move. If things do get better in lets say, October, then the school would try to transition to limited in-person classes. It would be nice to physically attend/ socialize/ study together/ get to know your profs? A huge factor that's leaning on me is the idea of moving in December. I hear that Ottawa's got shit winters and the competition of finding a space to live... I can't fathom how awful it would be to fight for a place, stranded with no place to live by 1st of January.... I believe it's prudent to move, but not entirely necessary.
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