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  1. Wait, they only waitlisted you for a day?
  2. I have a below average lsat, I’ve yet to hear my acceptance 😂
  3. Wouldn’t hurt to try calling? When is your deadline to accept for dual?
  4. This is apparently happening with single jd as well
  5. Have you tried calling them? You might be accepted but haven’t had a status change / received an offer yet. See whats up with them
  6. Are you currently still waiting for single too?
  7. Some people gave up their seats yesterday so I’d assume that there would be some seats. Last year around this time, people called the admissions and they were told the same thing. Movement happened at the end of July.
  8. I was rejected from Ottawa this cycle but still following this thread for my own interests. I am shocked that they are not releasing the ranks this year - it has a lot of implications on other schools especially since some people are banking their acceptances on Ottawa. Wishing you guys luck..
  9. Anyone accepted off waitlist lol
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