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  1. It doesn’t feel like Windsor had their second wave of acceptances yet, perhaps because of the later lsat, despite them claiming that they do not consider the Jan LSAT. What are your stats like? I wonder if they’re grouping like stats together to reject
  2. Is anyone just radio silence?
  3. Nah you get an email and then you get a snail mail just to smack it in your face
  4. It’s a couple days later. You will be sent an email and it will ask you if you accept to be on waitlist. The waitlist will revised and you will be given a ranking
  5. Danny you deserve this! Seeing you on this forum last year, this is a well deserved acceptance. Great job!
  6. You and me both, I am patiently waiting to hear back from them. A little later to hear back than last year, I am wondering why they are so slow. I know some people who were referred after me and heard back super quickly. It leads me to wonder what their admission process is like. Almost feels as if, they read our applications and was like “nah let’s pass it in the second pile so we can read later.” And then, when the time comes and they have sorted through all their first waves and second, they will revisit the remainders. So maybe, not hearing back yet is a good thing and could be in our favour... or it could go wildly the other way lol
  7. This is possibly the most generic reply rose gives. Third round I’m applying, and every year she says the same thing to me lol
  8. Someone on the forums said that when they called, Kristen says that everyone gets a second review. I think they’re just slow personally... I’ve been referred since the beginning of March and still waiting. I suspect that people are not posting their rejections on law students either, so we have slow movement right now.
  9. You should really consider applying out west, especially applying to multiple law schools, you will up your chances. You have a great lsat score, I don’t personally see a need to score higher until you’ve applied out west. Best of luck! Don’t give up
  10. Your lsat seems fine... did you apply out west? Like u of c? Usask and unb? I feel like with your stats you should be able to get into those schools within limits of ec etc
  11. Do you know when you were referred?
  12. Who’s referred and still waiting? I was referred at the first week of March.. still waiting
  13. Probably means they’re still evaluating your file for the regular jd... you’ll hear back soon maybe? When were you rejected?
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