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  1. Depends on which gpa is higher, either overall or l2. Upward trends are favourably looked on.
  2. Not attending U of C, but just reading off their website, they’re intending to “welcome students back on site” for winter. But did mention things might change.... the optimist in me hopes for a blended format at UOttawa
  3. Have you applied out West? I’m sure U of C would love you. They tend to take high lsat scorers and median for GPA
  4. Short answer: - it’s a community and you can learn a lot from this place on where to begin your law school journey and onwards (I.e., articling and work). — I was 16 when I wanted to go to law school. This form helped me navigate through everything, especially with the Lsat and all the info on different schools I’ve would have never had a clue about. It’s been a long time, since I’ve officially joined in 2014. I intend to keep posting because this is my community. I’ve also made some great friends on here too that are in my class. Also, I type 100 wpm and have a great social life. I promise I’m not a loser..
  5. I was #75 on the waitlist out of province. I had the same email telling me that since I’m out of province, they’re refusing me lol. SO close, the last waitlist acceptance was #69 a few weeks ago.
  6. I emailed them and asked them for my rank. I guess they forgot to send it out? Any who for reference, World Rank #8
  7. Congrats! When did you receive your acceptance?
  8. Are you a general applicant or access?
  9. No. Uottawa is so unpredictable, you might get an acceptance any time or you might not
  10. Are you currently an international applicant? Or are you in province / in Canada
  11. Did they give you this information? I was told I placed on waitlist and they will provide me a rank. But nothing so far
  12. You could always bring this up to the fb page. Torts Group E right? I’m in that group. There’s also a fb group chat for this group.
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