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  1. I have the same thing for UNB and idk what it means either. Because I checked and everything is recieved.
  2. Did everyone get that email about non Canadians entering the country? I'm just confused because it doesn't apply to me.
  3. I think mine says bachelor of Law too which I think is fine, the lsat stuff is initiated
  4. I think it just might mean that the app is complete but not referred yet
  5. are you logging into the new site with your old login info?
  6. I get the following error when logging in to the new site. The old site has no info regarding my app. Login Failure:
  7. I think I'm over thinking, just wish they replied/updated me. I sent an email last week. But he hasn't sent me an email since September ish. However, they never replied to my follow ups for Ontario schools - but did end up posting the reference for those. Just curious, should I contact some schools and mention this and have another referee send something? In the event that this one sends something too, what would happen (i.e. 3 references reach the school).
  8. Hey! So my reference never replies to my emails or comments regarding my reference letters. They submitted the ON one, but hasn't replied/confirmed to my follow up requests to remaining references. Any advice?
  9. You think stuff like this will really hurt chances of admission?
  10. Hey I submitted my application but wasn't sure if there was a way to track documents like other Universities. Anyone have any idea?
  11. Hey, so I submitted my application through OLSAS. I did submit a few in the access category - mainly to allow myself to explain some issues throughout my undergraduate career. I didn't know what/don't have documents to support my claims, but having the opportunity to discuss it was what I wanted to do. I know some apps required documents, if you apply through access. So if I didn't have supporting documents, would they remove me from access? Would this be me not following the proper rules? Should I email the schools and mention it?
  12. Just recently I guess - fortunately after reaching out again 2/3 replied - however, I realized I messed up and failed to add a non-academic reference to the 3. I messaged OLSAS through SAM about this, hopefully their solution doesn't require reseting the entire thing. Does OLSAS normally reply quick (if you messaged them through SAM before?)
  13. I put three references into OLSAS. 1 submitted and was recieved. The other two are MIA. I called, emailed (appropriately), and they hadn't provided me with any info. However, they both confirmed to write me one. How worried should I be? Also, for the sketch/work history - OLSAS says they will order it themselves in chronological order. So it's fine that right now (prior to submitting) it's in order from most recent to oldest, but I have a recent one with the older ones. Is that going to fix itself upon submission?
  14. On the second page it says Permanent Residence - is this for people that have PR in Canada or another country, or is this an "emergency contact" I think it is for people that have PR - but people have told me it was an emergency contact. 😕 Any help?
  15. I printed the form and hand wrote the answer in the provided space.
  16. So only 1/3 references sent their reference/OLSAS only received 1/3 so far. Should I submit it anyways and hope the other two send it soon/it gets received soon? I tried reaching out to the other 2 yesterday but they hadn't replied.
  17. Yeah I'm pretty sure outside of ON schools have a different due date. Hope I didn't miss any though lol
  18. Hello On my OLSAS account it says transcripts haven't been recieved. I was under the impression that they will be recieved when I submit my application, like how the LSAT score works. However, it says this on the site: November 1, 2018 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for applications to first-year programs. Deadline for OLSAS to receive your transcripts and references. So if I submit my application tomorrow, is only then when my transcripts will sent? Are they already in process of being sent?
  19. Ok, so...only 1/3 have replied - the one that replied even submitted a reference thats not due until December. I am kind of worried now. I intend on submitting my apps in the next 2 days... earlier in October I went to one of the Prof's office hours - he saw me and acknowledged his tardiness in replying to my inquiry and said that he was more than happy to help me. But for the record I confirmed him referring me about a year ago during the end of the course I was taking. So that same day I submitted the link on OLSAS and emailed him to tell him that I had submitted the link and he should get an email shortly. I haven't heard from him since, and haven't touched base with him - what should I do now? Another email - what if he doesn't reply? what if he doesn't submit by Nov 1? I am so worried. I know he is super busy but at the same time I don't know how to make this an urgent matter without coming off rude. The last ref. that hasn't replied: I touched based with him on LinkedIn and sent him a message - he is an instructor - right after that he replied to my emails, and was really supportive. I confirmed him being a reference for me about a year ago too. I replied back indicating that he would get a link, and if I used his name for out of ON references, he may get separate emails. He also inquired for a due date to which I stated in should say on the email OLSAS sends him. However, last week I sent him another email letting him know I figured out the due date - Nov 1. I haven't heard from him either. Do I touch base with him again?
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