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  1. LawyerJustice

    Accepted to UNB 2019

    Anyone know when the next batch of acceptances are?
  2. LawyerJustice

    Apostrophe Error, Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM)

    You think stuff like this will really hurt chances of admission?
  3. LawyerJustice

    3 hours left to apply

    You are right
  4. Hey I submitted my application but wasn't sure if there was a way to track documents like other Universities. Anyone have any idea?
  5. LawyerJustice

    Submitted apps OLSAS- access

    Hey, so I submitted my application through OLSAS. I did submit a few in the access category - mainly to allow myself to explain some issues throughout my undergraduate career. I didn't know what/don't have documents to support my claims, but having the opportunity to discuss it was what I wanted to do. I know some apps required documents, if you apply through access. So if I didn't have supporting documents, would they remove me from access? Would this be me not following the proper rules? Should I email the schools and mention it?
  6. LawyerJustice

    Reference is MIA

    Just recently I guess - fortunately after reaching out again 2/3 replied - however, I realized I messed up and failed to add a non-academic reference to the 3. I messaged OLSAS through SAM about this, hopefully their solution doesn't require reseting the entire thing. Does OLSAS normally reply quick (if you messaged them through SAM before?)
  7. LawyerJustice

    Reference is MIA

    I put three references into OLSAS. 1 submitted and was recieved. The other two are MIA. I called, emailed (appropriately), and they hadn't provided me with any info. However, they both confirmed to write me one. How worried should I be? Also, for the sketch/work history - OLSAS says they will order it themselves in chronological order. So it's fine that right now (prior to submitting) it's in order from most recent to oldest, but I have a recent one with the older ones. Is that going to fix itself upon submission?
  8. scan and put in sam
  9. LawyerJustice

    Supplemental Form DUAL JD

    On the second page it says Permanent Residence - is this for people that have PR in Canada or another country, or is this an "emergency contact" I think it is for people that have PR - but people have told me it was an emergency contact. 😕 Any help?
  10. I printed the form and hand wrote the answer in the provided space.
  11. LawyerJustice

    Should I submit

    So only 1/3 references sent their reference/OLSAS only received 1/3 so far. Should I submit it anyways and hope the other two send it soon/it gets received soon? I tried reaching out to the other 2 yesterday but they hadn't replied.
  12. LawyerJustice

    Nov 1 due date

    Yeah I'm pretty sure outside of ON schools have a different due date. Hope I didn't miss any though lol
  13. LawyerJustice

    Nov 1 due date

    Hello On my OLSAS account it says transcripts haven't been recieved. I was under the impression that they will be recieved when I submit my application, like how the LSAT score works. However, it says this on the site: November 1, 2018 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for applications to first-year programs. Deadline for OLSAS to receive your transcripts and references. So if I submit my application tomorrow, is only then when my transcripts will sent? Are they already in process of being sent?
  14. LawyerJustice

    Professor not replying

    Ok, so...only 1/3 have replied - the one that replied even submitted a reference thats not due until December. I am kind of worried now. I intend on submitting my apps in the next 2 days... earlier in October I went to one of the Prof's office hours - he saw me and acknowledged his tardiness in replying to my inquiry and said that he was more than happy to help me. But for the record I confirmed him referring me about a year ago during the end of the course I was taking. So that same day I submitted the link on OLSAS and emailed him to tell him that I had submitted the link and he should get an email shortly. I haven't heard from him since, and haven't touched base with him - what should I do now? Another email - what if he doesn't reply? what if he doesn't submit by Nov 1? I am so worried. I know he is super busy but at the same time I don't know how to make this an urgent matter without coming off rude. The last ref. that hasn't replied: I touched based with him on LinkedIn and sent him a message - he is an instructor - right after that he replied to my emails, and was really supportive. I confirmed him being a reference for me about a year ago too. I replied back indicating that he would get a link, and if I used his name for out of ON references, he may get separate emails. He also inquired for a due date to which I stated in should say on the email OLSAS sends him. However, last week I sent him another email letting him know I figured out the due date - Nov 1. I haven't heard from him either. Do I touch base with him again?
  15. I have requested the references to be emailed to the Profs, but only 1/3 has submitted them. Do they themselves also have to submit by Nov 1?