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  1. Can't speak for other areas but I specialize in Employment (employee side)law and you can absolutely help people in this area. I'm fairly happy with my career and my colleagues seem to enjoy what they do as well.
  2. These are fairly typical employment/human rights issues. I suspect most employment lawyers have come across a few files like that.
  3. I know a guy who did varsity track and field throughout law school.
  4. Cold emailed my current firm during law school and joined the firm post articling. The payoff often won't be immediate but the connections you make will be important later on in your career.
  5. I've always wondered why there isn't as much advertisement from Real estate firms, consider the business model is somewhat similar (volume driven).
  6. You've already completed your articles, so I'm guessing you must have one or two areas of law you are somewhat familiar with. Again start with the simple stuff and refer the more complex matters to senior counsels and offer to assist on the file so you can learn how to handle these matters. It is also infinitely more attractive to go into an interview at a firm if you have existing clients. You also have the options to do legal aid (won't pay much but will pay the bills). This is a lot les time consuming compared to going through law school again (an absurd thing to do as many have already commented).
  7. Not sure if it's been brought up yet but why not start your own practice. I know you don't have tons of experience under your belt, but maybe start with simple stuff and look for mentors in the legal community. I know quite a few people who started their own solo practice right after articling and they seem to be doing fairly well.
  8. GPA is the only thing that matters for the most part.
  9. I was in the same situation in law school. Your grades are not the end of the world, but I would agree with other comments that you have to bring something else to the table to offset the bad grades. I would emphasize on things like how you can to bring in clients for the firm. Certain boutique firms also tend to care less about the marks you got in 1L (I got my articles at a PI firm because I did ok in tort and above average in Remedies). Start networking hard and get people to meet with you virtually.
  10. AB lawyer here. Employment law is extremely busy, and so is family law.
  11. Do it. You will be busy but it's not going to be crazy busy. Do something that can allow you to get away from the law, law students and lawyers.
  12. Would also like to know! Thinking about exploring Vancouver market down the road (currently Calgary). How long did the transfer process take?
  13. Just ask them to bump it and don't take no for an answer. It's ridiculously easy (if you have decent credit score that is).
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