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  1. AB lawyer here. Employment law is extremely busy, and so is family law.
  2. Do it. You will be busy but it's not going to be crazy busy. Do something that can allow you to get away from the law, law students and lawyers.
  3. Would also like to know! Thinking about exploring Vancouver market down the road (currently Calgary). How long did the transfer process take?
  4. Just ask them to bump it and don't take no for an answer. It's ridiculously easy (if you have decent credit score that is).
  5. I think I was paid $25 an hour working for a solo practitioner (family law) back in law school.
  6. Calgary lawyer here. Reach out to FACL western, SABA Calgary or BLSA for their perspective on practicing law as a minority in calgary.
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-law-firm-ordered-to-pay-student-nearly-70-000-1.5249589 Doroshenko accused the student of breach of contract, theft, trespassing and wrongful use of marketing materials belonging to the firm. The judge dismissed the allegations, noting they were "harsh and unwarranted." Gomery also noted the firm's actions — including serving a lawsuit against Ojanen in front of her classmates, rather than mailing it to her — was "unnecessary and psychologically brutal." After she was fired, Ojanen struggled to find employment and pay rent, according to the ruling. She lived out of her car for three months — and when her husband, whom she is separated from, repossessed the vehicle, she briefly lived on the streets before her parents took her in. "Pending the resolution of this lawsuit, her life has been on hold," wrote Gomery. Ojanen was awarded $50,000 for aggravated damages, as well as ordinary damages of $18,934 for lost wages. and here's the decision: https://www.canlii.org/en/bc/bcsc/doc/2019/2019bcsc1352/2019bcsc1352.html
  8. You don't have to re-write the bar test/module if you already have a license to practice law in Alberta. Though there are admin steps you have to go through to get your BC licence.
  9. Grew up in Toronto but lived in both Edmonton and Calgary here. The two cities are really more alike than they are different. You won't go wrong with either.
  10. If money isnt an issue, then why not go to vancouver and check out UBC for yourself. Maybe talk to people who go there and see what the program is like.
  11. You should contact the law society immediately.
  12. Yeah I had a great time there. I would say about 1/4-1/3 of my classmates were from BC. U of C tend to have smaller class size compare to other schools (about 110 to 120 ish). Overall a very collegial environment where everybody knows each other.
  13. U of C grad here. Roughly 10% of the people in my class ended up articling in BC (a mix of big law and small firms). I'd say ontario and quebec are tough to break into for U of C grads, but BC is very doable.
  14. Maybe it's time to bring back wigs and gowns
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