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  1. If money isnt an issue, then why not go to vancouver and check out UBC for yourself. Maybe talk to people who go there and see what the program is like.
  2. You should contact the law society immediately.
  3. Yeah I had a great time there. I would say about 1/4-1/3 of my classmates were from BC. U of C tend to have smaller class size compare to other schools (about 110 to 120 ish). Overall a very collegial environment where everybody knows each other.
  4. U of C grad here. Roughly 10% of the people in my class ended up articling in BC (a mix of big law and small firms). I'd say ontario and quebec are tough to break into for U of C grads, but BC is very doable.
  5. Maybe it's time to bring back wigs and gowns
  6. I don't mean to be critical of the OP, but if you are this stressed about admission (with a decent stats) do you think you can handle the stress of law school ? You will be exposed to all kinds of stress as a law student/lawyer and there's no shortage of mental illness and substance abuse in this industry.
  7. Still sound like a pretty roundabout way of getting your licence. The quickest way by far is to go to a Canadian law school. Also, how likely is a LLM program in Canada going to accept an online LLB? Keep in mind your goal (if you want to practice law) is to land a job at some point not simply having a bunch of letters attached to your name. Employers already look down upon foreign law degrees. Having an online foreign LLB is not going to give you any advantage.
  8. Usask graduates have done well in Calgary market. If you are open to practicing in Alberta, then Usask is a great option. Ryerson on the other hand is simply unknown at this point. It is not even apparent at this point that attending Ryerson will give you an advantage when it comes to landing a job in Ontario.
  9. Of course you CAN. You are not the first and certainly won't be the last.
  10. From what I heard, secured transaction is very similar to logic games, but keep in mind, the LSAT has nothing to do with actually practicing law. Your score in the games section is irrelevant to what kind of law you end up practicing (other than getting you into law school).
  11. I think it's precisely for people facing the kind of career dilemma that OP is facing. I've even seen people do JD/MA Geology
  12. Articling right now. LSAT: 163. Hope that helps.
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