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  1. From what I recall, having taken the exam 4 years ago, the written component is specific to the University and used only to place you in a level for recommendations for French writing courses to take. The important part of the exam is the TFI itself which consists of reading and oral comprehension.
  2. Whether the pun was intended or not, well played. Honestly, first year is killer in terms of how much is expected of you, while trying to navigate a new way of doing things (for most people). You'll have 6 classes each semester during the first year (if I'm not mistaken) so adding another one does not seem feasible. Is it mandatory to take? Level 5 out of 6 doesn't seem that bad.
  3. I'm not sure in regards to leniency, but in regards to the test there are two parts. The oral/listening one is the TFI and the score on that is what ultimately determines your acceptance. The written bit is simply for UdeM to gauge your french writing capacity, and in doing so they suggest a level of french class you should register for should you be interested.
  4. Peut être la plus grosse différence!
  5. Ce que je voulais dire est que personne ici pourrait te dire a quelle section tu devrais t'inscrire. Regarde tout les possibilités d'horaire (ca ce peut que ca change d'année en année) puis essaye de voir si une liste de profs est disponible. Voir le lien si dessus sous l'onglet calendriers, et puis trimestre d'automne 2015 Bloc A. http://droit.umontreal.ca/programmes/etudiants-actuels/annee-en-cours/
  6. Honnêtement ca changerais rien du tout, sauf ton horaire et les profs qui vont te donner des cours.
  7. Go to Sherbs...don't waste time doing something that is irrelevant to what you want to obtain. Leaving home is scary but changes you for the better. Do it!
  8. Hi, You could always look through last year's thread to see what kind of numbers were accepted, although I would say that your stats are quite competitive looking.
  9. April I believe. You could always check the last admissions thread to see exactly when people began getting accepted.
  10. Like all the others have said, I'd be very surprised if you didn't get accepted.
  11. I received my acceptance in April and have not yet done the TFl.
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