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  1. So I started articling at a small PI firm and we don't have many staffs. In fact, it's just the principal and 1 other articling student who's about to finish his term. I've been doing admin and housekeeping work since I got here. Just curious if this is normal cause what I heard from a friend of mine was that he actually got to draft memo, statement of claims, etc. Anyone has similar or completely different experience?
  2. HI all, I'm preparing for the March exam for both B&S. If anyone else is doing it in March and wants to form a study group to help each other out, please PM me. BTW, does anyone know if a 400-page for an indice to the barrister exam is the normal length? (I'm buying one but it looks so lengthy...it's around 500ish for the solicitor one) Thanks!
  3. Hi epeeist, I am from Ontario. I believe if you purchase the studying materials from LS, they give you both the digital and hard-copy. However, I missed the 2-week deadline for physically going to the location to pick up the material so now if I want to get the same material from LS I will have to get them delivered. So just to clarify my previous question, I was just wondering what could I expect (i.e. booklet, binder, etc.) from the LS. If the physical copy is just a bunch of pages stapled together, I might be better off printing it myself. thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm going to purchase the studying material for the bar exam. But I have to pay for the shipping cause they don't have the option for pick up now. Could someone simply describe to me the quality and format of the studying material I could expect from the Law Society (i.e. booklet form? binder? etc.). It's around $60 for the delivery or I can print it myself which might be cheaper so I just want to know what they're sending me is in good quality. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, New to the forum, not sure if my topic fits into this category... Anyways, I'm in the process of completing my NCA exams. I can only register for the March Bar exam so I got almost half a year to study which is too much. I don't have an articling position yet and I heard some employers prefer candidates who have completed their bar before hiring. So my question is, does anyone have similar experiences and if so, what kind of position could I look for? Perhaps I have a better chance of securing an articling position if I work at a law office in a non-articling capacity prior to that...just my thought. Any sort of advice or experience would be appreciated! Thank you
  6. Thanks for both replies, and it's definitely not gonna happen again. I guess my concern was due to not knowing whether law schools will actually see that incident or not. Because when the person in charge of academic offense for that department met with me, he did say it was going to be on my record, but I don't know whether that means it would be on my transcript. The academic summary report on lsac website, is that the transcript that law school will see? If not, I would rather save the trouble and not mention it because I feel it's not gonna do me any good and I've already learned my lesson. Anymore advice from that would be appreciated! Thank you
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like to know the answer to this question. Under the character and fitness section of application, it asks whether you have committed any misconduct during undergrad, etc. But I was looking at my Academic summary report (forgive me if this is not the full transcript) I don't see any records of misconduct or comments. I received a warning in my second year for plagiarism, a terrible mistake. So will law schools see this and should I write a separate explanation or do not talk about it? Thanks
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