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  1. Kfirnik

    Ask a 1L!

    The law school library typically hires and doesn't involve too much work. And I have seen quite a few law students work for them. Could be an option for you.
  2. Kfirnik

    Non-Formal Toronto Articling Recruit

    Asking this question here as I don't want to start a new thread. Has anyone gotten an interview with Lloyd Burns McInnis? Their deadline to apply was August 10 and their interviews are supposed to be held next week.
  3. Kfirnik

    Ask a 1L!

    That depends. Is home in Wolf Island, Napanee, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax...NYC...?
  4. I don't know about the likelihood of getting a call now, but I did receive a number of calls later in the day on Friday (as I'm sure others did as well).
  5. Firms that called for me with no ITC Flaherty McCarthy DWF Claims Sommers Roth Elmaleh
  6. Kfirnik

    WANTED: Getting to Maybe by Paul and Frischl

    Not sure of the buying and selling procedures for this forum, but I have a copy I'm willing to sell.
  7. I heard a bunch of MAG offices and Kronis backed out
  8. I was wondering, for those who have participated in the hiring process (from the employer's perspective) regarding how you found a correlation between grades and quality of work. I know they stress a lot in law school that grades don't predict how one will turn out being a lawyer. But I was wondering if anyone who has participated in hiring has actually seen a top student royally mess up, while an average/mediocre student excel. This is not to blame the current system, where grades are predominately the only indicator of anything, for most of the big firms at least.
  9. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    I only ask because I know they invited friends of mine to a dinner before they even had their first interview and I did not receive any such invite. But thank you.
  10. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    I got offered a second interview but it feels like the offer was in response to my 'thank you' email, not because they want me. Would that feeling be accurate or do they actually have interest in me?
  11. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Do all firms send out a confirmation email after the call to confirm the time and date?
  12. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    I stand corrected. I guess I was misinformed.
  13. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Based on a previous post GR does not sent ITCs.
  14. Kfirnik

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Anyone know if Gardiner Roberts sends out ITCs?
  15. Kfirnik


    Sorry if this was discussed before. I'm looking for suggestions for a good book or resource for understanding CivPro. Aside from old outlines. TIA