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  1. Kfirnik

    Those who are in Law School..did you ever regret it?

    Just to echo previous comments, I don't think people tend to regret it, unless you haven't found articling by graduation and even then there are options. That being said, I am sure everyone has moments where they think "why didn't I just do (anything else)". Before law school people have no idea the kind of sacrifices you make. You have less time with family, romantic relationships get destroyed because of the pressures/long distance (and other reasons, which I won't get into here) and an extremely competitive atmosphere. And as others have said, you also see your non-law school friends often doing very, very well. Sure law school is a bummer, but you gotta push through.
  2. Kfirnik

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    For what it's worth, Queen's beat out Osgoode in hiring at some of the Bay Street firms this OCI cycle. I know of at least two people in my class who turned down Osgoode for Queen's.While you have stated you aren't interested in Bay Street, Queen's is a pretty good school. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Queen's.
  3. Kfirnik

    Access Queen's 2019

    I did not get into Ottawa. I don't know much about that school. But Queen's is pretty awesome though.
  4. Kfirnik

    Access Queen's 2019

    cGPA. My B2/L2 was something closer to a high B+ average.
  5. Kfirnik

    Access Queen's 2019

    Hey, i got into Queen's applying through Access with a 3.3 GPA and 159 LSAT. I'm in my last year there so i don't know if things have changed, but your chances don't look too shabby.
  6. Kfirnik

    UVic or Queen's

    If you're interested in Family Law, Queen's has a fantastic program. One of the foremost scholars and experts in Family Law teaches at Queen's, Professor Nicholas Bala. There is also a Family Law clinic where you can work on actual Family Law related cases.
  7. Kfirnik

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    I didn't say that 'Douggie' is sexist or homophobic. I am pointing to a double standard where the left would use any mockery of their female or gay politicians to complain about sexism or homophobia, even if irrelevant. As for incompetence, that is obviously an opinion. But if incompetence is measured by how much money you save a province by preventing schools from using vulnerable/naive teenagers from enrolling in post-secondary institutions, where they will be indoctrinated, have useless degrees, and be thousands of dollars in debt, then yes. I would agree. Doug Ford could indeed be considered incompetent.
  8. Kfirnik

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    No. What is needless is attempting to mock a sitting premier by trying to derogatorily using his name. If conservatives were to do that with Kathleen Wynne, the left and liberal would be up in arms about it, calling conservatives sexists and homophobes. You don't agree with his politics? I can be okay with that. But to mock him like that is needless.
  9. Haven't heard a word. Anyone hear from Aviva or Economical Insurance?
  10. Kfirnik

    Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Is referring to him as "Douggie" supposed to be making fun of him? In any event, this move is consistent with other moves his government has done in terms of stopping wasteful spending of the Liberals. (Sorry, but I'm not petty/immature enough to come up with a nickname for Wynne). I completely agree with the Ford government in terms of not providing funding for more campuses for useless degrees for other universities that can only be supported by increasing the provinces debt.
  11. Yes. LawPro has been conducting interviews. I know that they do second round as well.
  12. Kfirnik

    Ask a 1L!

    The law school library typically hires and doesn't involve too much work. And I have seen quite a few law students work for them. Could be an option for you.
  13. Kfirnik

    Non-Formal Toronto Articling Recruit

    Asking this question here as I don't want to start a new thread. Has anyone gotten an interview with Lloyd Burns McInnis? Their deadline to apply was August 10 and their interviews are supposed to be held next week.
  14. Kfirnik

    Ask a 1L!

    That depends. Is home in Wolf Island, Napanee, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax...NYC...?
  15. I don't know about the likelihood of getting a call now, but I did receive a number of calls later in the day on Friday (as I'm sure others did as well).