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    Do lawyers ever have really "grand" offices?

    I've been told more than once that some construction union lawyers' offices are extraordinarily opulent. However i've got a buddy at a normal union office and he says his spot's nothing to write home about, so apparently there's no carryover.
  2. machine

    Advice for seeking articles in April / May of 3L

    Stealing this savagery for future use.
  3. I think it was January or something akin to that.
  4. man I didn't get in off the wait list till the third week of july. A buddy of mine didn't get in until the last week of august. so like, don't give up hope until labour day weekend. Then you can be pretty sure that you're not going to be playing for Dixon's Cider that year (or whatever stupid name they made them change it to)
  5. machine

    "I'll take your fanciest alcohol please"

    Wasn't there a story about a dude who went to a dinner during infirm week and the guy knew he had a place at another firm sealed up so he just went to the dinner to screw with the firm, and did so by getting shitfaced at the meal and ordering a white russian for dessert (no indication if he referred to it as a 'caucasian' which would have been just awesome). I recall reading that here someplace a while ago but I'll damned if I know where.
  6. machine

    Is it a good idea to be a class action lawyer?

    jesus man next time go for a walk or do some pushups or watch a movie or something. stop giving so much of a shit about stuff when you don't need to
  7. machine

    What was your worst grade?

    2.97 undergraduate GPA and I'm a first year associate now with an Ontario law degree. Jesus OP you're gonna be a treat when you start practicing for the LSAT.
  8. machine

    Most difficult 1L class

    can't imagine why property is an issue for people. Does not compute.
  9. just be cool. You can't do shit about it right now. You know what you can do something about? The solicitor exam. Study for that. Worry about the results when they come.
  10. machine

    Accepted 2016

    I got the call July 17. A buddy got it in goddamned august.
  11. machine


    this is from like a week ago but that's a spot on use of the word Chimera right there
  12. Can you expand on the research thing? I'm doing litigation and like 40% of what I do is research on various random subjects of law. I write memos about shit all the time and have done maybe 5 long-term (like 20 hour, 5-15 page memo) research projects on stuff. Is that not very much on Bay? Honestly curious.
  13. yeah that's what i was trying to say but couldn't put into words. well done. top shelf explanation, I couldn't put my finger on it the way you did.
  14. man did you see the article about the LPP in Canadian Lawyer? They profiled 6 people, five directly (the cover people and a couple others) and one indirectly (the person they talk about at Hicks). One of them closed on a gig, and he was working under the lawyer chairing the goddamned LPP. He was getting hired, if nobody else. The guy at Hicks was told going in "yeah you're not getting a job, never think you're getting a job" and his skills were described as being "good but not applicable to our practice", and Hicks was one of the main law firms participating in the shtick. http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/5711/LPP-year.html the problem is that there's just too many people who want to be lawyers and there's simply not enough room for them all. If you restrict the law schools then people will go to NCA schools out of country and go into 3x as much debt. If you ban NCA degrees you're discriminating. okay so say a person couldn't get articles, why would they think their lives are gonna get better just because they're licenced? The firms don't keep all their articling students, some don't keep any, and they've all got big firm experience, they're going to be chosen over an LPP person in a second. Its just delaying unemployment and it sucks but I don't know what the solution could possibly be.
  15. 166 sub 3.0 GPA. Didn't hear until mid-july when i got it. Kids, be cool. If it's meant to happen, it'll happen.