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  1. There's really maybe 2 things you should know: Better school and/or grades = better chances Outlier application = outlier results I'd caution against worrying about all the other various things mentioned in this thread because it's not going have any bearing on the two things you can control: (i) your grades and (ii) your application. Also, I say this as someone who spent way too much time worrying about all these same things.
  2. Also, I assume this thread is about working on the weekend in law. If there's a poster who had never worked on the weekend prior to summering/articling, well, we've had very different life experiences.
  3. Shouldn't the quality of the work determine the quality of the work? You're basically saying if he/she had the foresight to use delay delivery you wouldn't have an issue.
  4. I couldn’t tell you who does or doesn’t wear a watch at my firm. I may notice if someone has a Garmin because we might have shared interests but that’s about it.
  5. Your experience as a litigation articling student? It can be both ways. There are certainly technology lawyers (or some other variant name) who specialize in exactly what Setto just described. They don't necessarily work for clients that are technology companies. Their clients could be any company that needs to deal with a technology-related agreement.
  6. Yeah if you want to be a policy analyst there’s no need for a law degree. Just do any master’s policy program and leverage the co-op to get your foot in the door at a ministry.
  7. Something doesn’t quite add up here (and perhaps you’re being intentionally vague to protect anonymity, which I am sympathetic to). If it is a solicitor-based clinic then I don’t know why you listed “real world court experience”. The solicitor aspect would also be relevant info for picking between the clinic/moot. However, if your supervising lawyer is advising you on going to court, then that suggests they have litigation chops. Caveat: I don’t litigate so I may be treading out of my depth here. Perhaps other posters will have a different view.
  8. It's okay to not participate in certain threads when you don't have a meaningful take or the necessary depth of knowledge about the practice area.
  9. How is “working with a real litigator” not also in the clinic column? Who is supervising your clinic work?
  10. Imagine being at some generic law function and listening to this play out in person while also knowing both parties' practice areas and year of call. As an aside, I think people should spend more time considering that context for many of the discussions on this forum.
  11. Relevant work experience will certainly help an application but it is by no means a prerequisite. Good grades matter way more. I assume firms would be particularly lenient about work experience in 2020, given the unemployment rate ... Also, no one can say how 2L fall grades will be viewed with any specificity because they are a new variable. But grades have always mattered a lot so it's pretty reasonable to believe they'll continue to matter a lot. It's worth repeating that worrying about this stuff won't help you. Whatever is said in this thread won't change your 1L transcript or your resume. Don't fixate on things you can't change.
  12. I don't pretend to know anything about family law but all the areas in which I practice are evolving, almost daily, in response to COVID. Be proactive and keep on top of all relevant changes in your field and update your colleagues as well. Position yourself as the COVID resource.
  13. The best ROI is to go to McGill as a Quebec resident and then become the most successful plaintiff-side class actions lawyer in the country. YMMV.
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