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  1. The fact that you had to go back and count who else was posting kind of carries my point.
  2. I’m reminded of another thread:
  3. No, I was honest about my limited business knowledge, stressed my desire to learn and I used interviews to try and get a broad picture sense of what lawyers actually did. I was interested in transactional work because it seemed more collaborative and team-oriented than other practice groups. I didn't really know what to expect though so I somewhat hedged my bets with full service firms where I could always try and find a specialty niche if transactional work wasn't as appealing. However, at the interview stage I also just hadn't been exposed to business law at school. The second half of law school I took a number of business law courses and I grew to really like securities/M&A. By the time I started articles I was already pretty set on what I wanted to do. I can't say I'd recommend doing transactional work as only a way to pay off debt despite not having interest in the work. Articling was a hell of a grind, especially with how hot the markets were, but I enjoyed it overall because I knew I was learning things that interested me and much more importantly, it was going to make me better at my job down the road. I don't know if money would've been enough of a reward on its own to get through all that.
  4. I literally googled "capital markets" and "securities" before my in-firm interviews in 2L and spent an embarrassing amount of time as a summer student on investopedia. Don't worry about it, you'll figure it out as you go.
  5. bernard

    Office Romance

    Think about how all your other relationships ended. Now imagine you work with them.
  6. bernard

    Choosing a law school

    Yeah, the cost savings of going to UBC are quite high. I don't know your situation in-depth but it would be hard to pass that up personally. If you want to broaden your horizons/experience new places you can try and do an international internship in your 1L summer (more common than it sounds) and do an exchange semester in 3L. If you go the Toronto Bay St route (by no means a guarantee) you also get a fair bit of time after the bar and after articling to travel.
  7. Just to clarify one point: a JD will not necessarily get you the same jobs as an MPP/A. If you're looking for a policy role then MPP/A > JD. Also, most policy masters programs will have a co-op stream which can get you in the door to a ministry position and is honestly the reason a lot of people do the program in the first place. I had a few lawyers in my masters program who didn't have much luck applying with just their JD/practice experience but landed good gigs through the co-ops.
  8. bernard

    Western vs Osgoode

    I'd disagree that Oz gives any sort of advantage for Bay compared to Western. I also think it's weird to have a discussion thread for two great schools when you haven't gotten into either of them and you're applying with a 157. If anything, this thread should be about retaking the LSAT in September to boost your chances ...
  9. https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/019/304/old.jpg
  10. Use your midterms to try one or two strategies and if you don't get the kind of grades you were hoping for, switch it up. As an example, some posters are adamant that you need to read everything and you need to make your own summaries. For me personally, I did better by not reading everything and instead of making summaries, I just reviewed/tweaked/condensed the typically amazing 1L summaries that are always floating around. But what worked for me probably wouldn't work as well for them and vice versa. Basically, different strokes for different folks.
  11. bernard

    Partner Compensation in Canada vs US?

    I’m highly suspicious that students who make career choices without adequate research and only rely on the phrase “Seven Sisters” will instead be saved if we all agree to switch to “Bay Steet firms” or whatever other shorthand you’d prefer.
  12. bernard

    Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    Ryerson will certainly test your theory on this point.
  13. bernard

    Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    This is one of the never ending board debates. Some people are willing to pay a premium for location, which doesn't make a ton of sense to me but it does to others. I have a hard time believing the one hour commute from York is $8000/year better than the two hour commute from London (or whatever the commute time is from Queens) but I recognize that others would disagree. Some people are willing to pay a premium for prestige, which doesn't make a lot of sense in Canada, where prestige between schools is quite thin and wanes significantly along the spectrum from prospective student to practicing lawyer.
  14. bernard

    Partner Compensation in Canada vs US?

    In my experience, the griping about "sisters" seems to be much more of a board phenomenon than an IRL phenomenon. There are a couple prominent posters who consistently berate its use and I think everyone else kinda walks on eggshells as a result.
  15. bernard

    Partner Compensation in Canada vs US?

    This is rich. "Please also convert the Canadian earnings into USD for me."