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  1. Mine is now up (as of about 2 hours ago) Every first choice but 1.
  2. Mine still isn't up I emailed them yesterday and they told me by Friday or Monday since they have tons to do. I hope it isn't alphabetical (althought they've said random). I'm close to the end of the alphabet and Friday seems far away - I hope I get all my first choices though!!!!! See you guys soon
  3. They should have sent an update email or something out to all the applicant's so at least we feel like something is happening, the communication has been horrible! Only good thing is that Patti usually responds to email the day of, yet her answers are ambiguous. They should start some rejections, things will move faster!
  4. congrats! did you hear today? by mail or email??
  5. U of T is associated with column 3 and 7. Column 3 has the precentage grade and 7 has the letter grade. To get a 4.0 on the OLSAS scale, you would need a 90. An 85-89 would give you a 3.9. Hope this helps!
  6. Congrats L!! It must feel great! Have you heard from anywhere else yet??
  7. Same with me guys...stupid LSAT, I got into all my masters programs, obviously marks aren't a huge issue, yet the LSAT is what's holding me back. I think we'll get in, it will just take a few more weeks (at least)
  8. Nope! I hope they will start soon!
  9. In regards to this point made by Captain way back when, yes it would be harder in a sense to get into a joint program because you need to get accepted to both. However, I was accepted into the masters program I applied, but not the J.D. I predicted that would be the case, I was just curious if they were willing to overlook low LSATs. Obviously not. haha
  10. thanks scotty for letting us know! i just checked mine and its updated, however mine says "provisional offer of acceptance" as i have not fully accepted yet.
  11. Keep in mind there's only one rejection post from this year so far, the rest were from last year in June.
  12. I found out over Minerva. It still said RFR last night, it changed pretty early on today, I checked around 10:30ish this morning.
  13. That's too bad Streamer! I'm worried to go home now.....Queen's is my top choice....
  14. No no I wasn't, I've been waiting like iveyguy....
  15. I was also refused today. I'm thinking my reason may be the same as jayfro. I'm a little disappointed, but McHill wasn't my first choice and I think I may have had a difficult time with some French cases. iveyguy, hope you hear better news!! LL *McGill, not McHill - sorry I'm in class, got distracted.
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