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  1. To echo the sentiments of others, I think one of the main issues is that you're taking something that's a subjective measure -- i.e. what any one lawyer considers to be an interesting and challenging file -- and talking about it as if it's an objective measure. Further, in this post and others, you've implicitly and explicitly referred to a kind of hierarchy of legal work that is by no means a universally shared evaluation. Just because YOU personally have never met someone who wants to do a certain kind of legal work that you deem to be "low end", or because you cannot possibly fathom such a person existing, does not mean that they aren't out there. Lawyers and law students are certainly not a monolith and it's fallacious to assume that (a) they all have the same perceptions of the work that they do, and (b) they all have the same kinds of aspirations for their careers.
  2. It's Daphne Gilbert.
  3. Like you noted, there are several schools that have some kind of specialized institute devoted to Law and Technology, but many of these are either narrowly focused (i.e. IP) or simply don't do very much. Based on your interests, I'd suggest that you investigate the University of Ottawa as a potential option. uO is launching this initiative this year: https://techlaw.uottawa.ca/aisociety, which you might have the chance to be involved in as a student. Michael Geist is one of the premier law and tech experts in Canada in a range of topics, including privacy: https://www.michaelgeist.ca/tech-law-topics/
  4. You're in luck, the building is actually pet friendly. Feel free to PM me if you want more details.
  5. Apologies in advance if this is not the right place for this, but I'll be leaving Schulich/Halifax this summer and thought it might be useful for an incoming student to give them the option to take over my apartment. Having done it multiple times before, I know that trying to find a local apartment from out of province is a real pain, and the challenges are certainly amplified in the current circumstances. My lease is up at the end of August, and I'm currently aiming to move sometime in July or August, but I'm flexible. You'd be signing a new lease that goes from September 2020 to August 2021, although you have the option to find a subletter if you need out before then. The apartment is a one bedroom unit in a professionally managed building in the South End. About a 20 minute walk to Dal, 5 minutes to Superstore and Sobeys, and walking distance from bars/downtown. I don't have a car and it hasn't been an issue. Rent is $1375, which includes water but not electricity. There is in-suite laundry and a dishwasher. I am also happy to leave behind a bunch of household items like dishes, some furniture, etc. Can share photos and any additional info as necessary!
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