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  1. No rats, but found 1 cockroach my first night at 380 Assiniboine, as well as 2 others during my first semester... Haven't seen any since. One of my classmates did not see any cockroach until one night he woke up with one on his neck... Apparently 380 is not that bad and some buildings are really disgusting, 380 is supposed to be one of the cleanest. Some of my friends did not have any issue. Living on campus is very convenient the first semester, but second semester, it starts to get really depressing and there are a lot of events downtown as well that I miss out on because I do not want to do a 2-hour commute in total in one day to go downtown... I would have preferred Osgoode Chambers, but it wasn't possible in my situation as I am not a traditional 1L I wasn't eligible. I would kinda regret not living off-campus, somewhere in the middle between downtown and Osgoode.
  2. How important is attending law firm events ? I understand it's important to go, I really enjoy the people I work with and they're a lot of fun, but I don't want to feel like I have to attend every lunch, dinner, nights out, week-end trips or I might go for 1-2 hr but I don't want to feel like I have to stay there for 5-6 hours every single time, as I also have other obligations and there's so so many of them... !!!!
  3. How long does it usually take to hear back after an interview with a judge at the FC ?
  4. What is the right thing to do when another student spills an entire glass of wine on you ? Fortunately, it was white wine, I kept my cool, I stayed a little, excused myself and left earlier than I would have liked... I haven't been to that many cocktails, but the three times I went, every time I approached a lawyer I ended up staying almost the whole time with them... I enjoyed the conversations, but would have liked to meet more people and was wondering if there are any implicit rules, are students supposed to excuse themselves at a certain point, since the lawyers cannot go anywhere ? Sometimes I wonder if the lawyers are simply being polite... Last night, before the incident, I spoke to a lawyer for almost an hour, he gave me his business card and said I could contact him if I have any questions or even call him. I always read and heard thank-you letters are unecessary, because the lawyers meet so many students, but was wondering if in this case, it would be appropriate ?
  5. Also, is a black tote or briefcase preferable?
  6. After shopping for weeks I finally found a nice suit. I was looking for a charcoal suit but everywhere I went most stores only carried black. I ended up buying a medium grey suit and was wondering if it's appropriate or if I should go back and exchange it for the navy? I couldn't find anything dark grey... I also bought the pair of pants that went with the jacket. Skirts were either too tight and revealed my curves too much or very loose and big. I just read online that skirts are more conservative and should be favored over pants for interviews and court... I was wondering how true that is? I really preferred how the pants looked on me but if necessary I can always get the matching skirt in a bigger size and get it tailored... Are pointed-toe pumps okay or should I buy a rounded-toe pair?
  7. Are Massimo Dutti suits appropriate?
  8. Quelle est la couleur de chaque section?
  9. D'après les threads des années précédentes il devrait y avoir une autre en début Juin pour ceux qui ont été admis après et à partir de la liste d'attente... (à confirmer)
  10. Thank you so much for replying! I decided to accept my offer
  11. I received my letter of acceptance earlier in the week to a civil law school. I am very happy about it but I am still unsure whether I should accept the offer or not. I am completing my second year in Psychology, I don't find the subject that interesting anymore. I don't plan on working in the field or going to grad school later, and there is not many well-paid job options for students who graduate with a B. Sc in Psychology. I'll be going straight to law school if I decide to complete my undergrad. Should I take an extra year to finish my degree? I can't help it but feel like I would have wasted 2 years if I accept my offer without receiving a degree, but at the same time, I am not delighted at the idea of spending one more year working hard to get A+ in a subject I am not passionate about. How much of an advantage would a completed undergrad give me during interviews?
  12. Je viens de me connecter sur le Centre étudiant et je dois maintenant 200$! Pas encore reçu de lettre officielle d'acceptation et je n'ai pas encore tenté de faire le paiement car je ne suis toujours pas certaine si je veux terminer ou non mon bac. Cote R de 26.5 et 42 crédits de complété en psychologie 4.3/4.3
  13. Je suis d'accord... Pour les cancidats en provenance du cégép, il n'y a que la cote R à prendre en considération, ce qui doit prendre bien moins de temps que pour les dossiers universitaires, où chaque note doit passer par plusieurs calculs avant d'être convertie en CRU.
  14. I think you have until March 1st to apply.
  15. J'avais envoyé un message à ce propos au service de l'admission il y a quelques mois et on m'avait répondu que non! D'ailleurs, la date limite pour les candidats en provenance du cégep est le 1er mars, donc les premières offres d'admission seront probablement envoyées vers la fin du mois de mars (en se fiant au thread de l'an passé)...
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