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  1. Really? I'm having a hard time navigating the site, as I am pretty new to it... Could you perhaps send me a link or something? Would be much appreciated!
  2. Good to know! Merci! If I am in Montreal, I will definitely try to take a language course during the post-1L summer!
  3. Best. Poutine. Of. My. Life. So worth the move to another province, LOL! xD
  4. My admission isn't conditional upon a French language course, but I am strongly considering taking one anyway... Which French course do most 0L's take at McGill during the summer? What's it like? I've found some courses, but I am not sure that I have found "the one," LOL! XD
  5. I know that law school is challenging and very different from UG, but how is the grading system at McGill? Is it impossible to get an A in most courses? What is usually the average? etc. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! Though, something tells me that the work has only just begun! Truly looking forward to meeting everyone in September!
  7. Just got my acceptance email! I AM SHAKING!!!!!!! No LSAT, no French interview. 4.0 GPA, excellent ec's and probably good LOR's.... Oh God. Did I miss something? I am kinda going nuts... AAAAAH!
  8. Congrats, everyone! Hopefully, we shall continue to get some more news this week! As a re-applicant, I must say that the wait is getting to be just unbearable lol
  9. There should have been at least a Refused 2015 thread by now...
  10. Haven't heard a thing... I need some news! Refused, accepted, waitlist... ANYTHING!
  11. I'm hoping we'll get some news this week.... Anyone hear of refusals yet? Last year, a thread had been started in early January!
  12. Glad it's not just me! Must say that the wait is driving me insane, especially since I am a reapplicant!!! I think they send out over 200 offers, but that the incoming class is about 180? You might want to double check on that, though
  13. Any more news? I was expecting to hear more acceptances by now... Definitely a refused thread... Then again, maybe there aren't that many people on the forum this year who applied to McGill...
  14. Have not heard a thing Strange - this time last year, they'd already resumed sending out acceptances and refusals.... Hmmm...
  15. Happy new year everyone! I wonder if anyone will get some news (good or bad) this week...
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