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  1. Hi everyone, I was applying for law last year and I remember checking lawstudents.ca 5-6 times a day every day between November and July last year. Today, I am a University of Sherbrooke law student. Looking back, I was very excited and nervous about getting into law school. Lawstudents.ca was very useful for me as it is rich in information. So, I'd like to give back by sharing these information with you that I think are relevant. 1) Sherbrooke and UQAM take the highest grade between your University grade and your CEGEP grade, regardless of the number of credits you've accomplished. 2) I would recommend applicants that apply into the regular law program (Droit - Cheminement Régulier) to also apply into Droit-MBA and Droit-COOP. Droit-MBA is program that Sherbrooke exclusively offers. In a span of 4 years, you accomplish your law undergrad and accomplish an MBA. This is a great asset. Droit-COOP is also a Sherbrooke exclusive program. In a span of 3 years, you accomplish your law undergrad and finish with one whole year of work experience. UdeS helps you look for an articling position while your at it. (Don't forget that this can make it easier for you to get a job after your degree). 3) UdeS is a great law university and I try to be objective when I say this. You are well surrounded, the teachers are very well rounded and the school has a very strong focus on pragmatism. Most importantly, more often than not, it is ranked no. 1 in Quebec in terms of success rate for the Quebec Bar exam (although McGill was 1st this year... but check out the year before for instance (2012-2013). The Quebec Bar exam is the ultimate exam for Quebec lawyers. Succeeding the exam is no small issue my friends. 4) Its education is worth moving from one city to another and once again, I try to be objective when I say this. Further, it has all the ressources you need to succeed: very affordable rent (apartment 350-450$; residence 306-312$; rooms 200-300$), libraries, gym, swimming pool, dojo, sports and most importantly in my opinion: proximity and accessibility. Some people might say that it is a city with nothing to do. Look at it this way, it doesn't have as much restaurants, shopping, clubs etc. as Montreal, but there is more than enough things to do to keep you busy (the more important things in life: studying law BABY!). Restaurants, cafes, shopping, best buy, bureau en gros, carrefour de l'Estrie, you can find all that in Sherbrooke. You can go back to Montreal every week end for 30$ round trip or car pool for 20$ round trip. 5) The most important recommendation: visit the University. Visit its campus, its facility, its gym, its city. Make it a small and fun road trip, dine at its restaurants while you're there. Whether you think you will go to Sherbrooke or NOT, if you applied to the University: visit the city and get a feel for it. Once you've experienced it, don't base your decision on the superficial stuff. Think: can I say here for the next 3 years? Is this a study-friendly atmosphere? and be positive about it. All said, I wish you all good luck for your law applications. See you in Sherbrooke maybe Kind regards, Reminiscent
  2. Hey Tara11, You can look for apartments on http://www.uni-logi.com/accueil.do
  3. The waiting list is updated as of now. That said, the law program did not budge by a single rank.
  4. Homie Sherbrookois, Sincere best of wishes to all of you beginning the program in Fall 2015. I am looking forward to 3 exciting years. Meet you all in September and enjoy the rest of summer.
  5. hey Grouillarde, are you 48 collegian or universitaire?
  6. I just received an e-mail. I've been wait listed. I'll be able to see my position tomorrow. 3.34 B.Comm 30.03 R Score
  7. hey Evara, Did you get your answer via e-mail or via portal?
  8. Did you get the answer by mail or by e-mail by the way?
  9. Hey Masr, Cheer up and try again next year. Do you mind sharing your stats?
  10. hi Catria, In the province of Quebec where 4 out of 5 Universities teach civil law, there has actually been an increase in the number of applications during the past years. (15%-25% in the past 5 years) If you are interested, you can have a quick look at the reference on droit-inc.com called: etudier le droit, aussi attrayant qu'avant?
  11. I called the University this morning. Approximately 60% of all offers are out.
  12. But of course, I think that this also depends on your result from UDEM.
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