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  1. oh snap I didn't know they had a waitlist for discretionary, hopefully it works out for you! when do you hear about the waitlist? I called them an hour ago and they told me to check on Monday
  2. I got the same answer today from them. I wish everyone the best of luck! 🌴🌴
  3. only for non-regular categories. See admissions calendar on their website for details.
  4. oh wow nice! great school you will rock it
  5. I wish you all the best! where did you accept the offer ? You will rock it your background and stats are great
  6. kjac2014

    Low cGPA 3.1

    Hey! I just want to point out that we need to be more encouraging and not look down on other applicants with a lower GPA. Just because someone has a lower average does not mean they can't be successful advocates or be accepted into a great program. Continue to work hard and get yourself some experience in some kind of volunteer work where you can develop some advocacy skills. There are lots of charitable organizations where you can volunteer at events/ certain groups where you can be exposed to some advocacy work. Just remember.. you are doing the best you can.
  7. I hope so too!! I'm trying to stay positive but if I don't get in I will just keep trying. No time to give up just gotta keep moving forward. I have an offer from N.Y.U (New York University) to do my masters in Social Work. They actually have a joint JD/Masters in Social Work program. I didn't get accepted into N.Y.U law when I applied but can still start the social work masters degree and re-apply for law next year to do a joint degree. I specifically want to practice in NYC. UBC would be the best option for me funding wise to stay here at home and then later on transition to NYC in my career in a few years. Plan is to specialize in child welfare law and be a child and youth advocate for those in government care. Lots of steps to take to make that happen but hey just gotta stay determined
  8. Hello! Thanks for the honesty I do really appreciate it, I'm planning on re-writing in July and will just keep applying every year until I get in if I don't make it this round.
  9. Wow your life experience background and your stats are awesome! I wish the best of look for us all You have done a lot of growth and I wish you good-luck and hope you get in ! I am really nervous because this was my first time writing the LSAT in December and I scored 135. If I knew ahead of time I wouldn't score well I would have re-written in Feb 2018. Can't change anything now and hoping for the best with my work experience and decent gpa 3.2 after drops. My references are also very strong from my work so im hoping the applications are looked at holistically
  10. Hi there, I applied in the discretionary category for UBC 2018 entry. My status is currently file awaiting evaluation... I am wondering if any other students in this category have gotten rejection or acceptance letters yet. If so, what were your stats and special factors for applying Mine: Special Factors: History of homelessness, coming to Canada a a refugee, former high-risk, having to work full-time during UNDGRD to fund education and living expense independently. Work experience: 5+ years experience working in the Downtown eastside and greater Vancouver with street involved youth in crisis. In all my leadership positions I have been a youth advocate for youth in care with the ministry . Most of the work is directly being involved in advocacy work with various government ministries. Education: BA in psych from S.F.U (3.2 GPA after drops) LSAT: 135 ( I know very low... however my work experience and special factors I think are very relevant and impressive even if i lack in this one area)
  11. kjac2014

    GPA Question for U of T law

    I am a bit concerned, I have to support myself and work while going to school at the same time and work 20 hours or more a week. I have good grades but Intake 3-4 courses each semester. 2 semesters I only took 2 courses. Will this hurt my application process? What am I supposed to do when I have no choice but to work at the same time....
  12. kjac2014

    cGPa or L2?

    So they take into consideration all marks? Do not drop any at all?
  13. kjac2014

    cGPa or L2?

    If UofT takse B3 years, does it drop any courses with gpa calculation??