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  1. Hey i'm looking into this rosi system and it says that for official correspondence an email ending in something like utoronto.ca/edu is needed. I already have a u of t student number but do not have an official email address. Is this only given out in september for first years or can we get this official email address earlier? thanks
  2. They've posted the applicant list on the grad house web site. I'm quite far down the list. Anyone else apply for it?
  3. To those of you who have received some financial aid but are required to make a contribution of a certain amount from a summer job. Do you know if it's acceptable to simply provide the money some other way and not do the summer job? I'd like to take the summer off before school starts. Thanks.
  4. I'll be attending too. Looking forward to meeting the rest of you. Maybe somebody can take me around T.O. for the tour! (I'm from Thunder Bay, On.)
  5. Hey Does anyone know how late U of T law exams go into May each year? And at what point Toronto summer law firm jobs typically start after them? Just wondering what kind of break to expect end of each year. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me if whether the thing about sending official final transcripts to law schools they've been accepted to is still applicable to me(I graduated uni. April 2005) or is it just for those who are completing their degrees currently? Thanks.
  7. I used an energy bar and one of those small tropicana orange juice bottles during the intermission.
  8. Hey there. I got into to U of T under the Aboriginal Category w/ a 3 year degree. I did fairly well though on the lsat and gpa-wise, and had some relevant volunteer experience. It can be done though, and the degree, though one year less than a four year, was completed.
  9. Just wanted to add my congrats to OP. Wait to go!
  10. Thanks for the link and response. Guess I'll try to show up early and get this card.
  11. Been lurking through this thread...So getting a tcard can help in finding residence through official channels. How soon after admission are these tcards sent?
  12. Just curious if everyone in the JD program has to apply for rez in Graduate House through the rez itself if they want to stay there, or if a certain number of rooms are automatically held for JD students and we apply for them through the faculty?
  13. To those who've received Scholarships for U of T, will you be receiving them in time to make the initial tuition payment?
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