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  1. inespere

    Calgary Articling Recruit

    Anyone heard from AB Justice or Parlee Calgary?
  2. inespere

    Clerkship 2018

    Are all the Edmonton courts done?
  3. inespere

    Clerkship 2018

    Yep, my mistake!
  4. inespere

    Clerkship 2018

    Anybody gotten an AB offer yet?
  5. inespere

    Aboriginal - Acceptance/Rejected

    Congrats! When did you hear from the U of A? And was it through snail mail?
  6. I think you would have a shot at schools that use L2 (or maybe the ones that drop your lowest grades). L2 of 3.5 and a 168 would probably get you into the U of A.
  7. inespere

    Accepted 2014

    Congrats! Did you just get your letter today?
  8. inespere

    Accepted 2014

    All the people who have been accepted this round - are any of you current U of A students? I heard that they wouldn't be finished processing U of A students until next week, so I am just curious.