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  1. apologies for the delay, i m preparing for my LSAT , am i too late for the sept 2018 applications ? if i give my exam in dec 2017 ? i work 44 hrs a week, i hav to ..
  2. if it makes u feel any better.. I am 31 yrs old.. and i m lagging behind even in information terms.. if i m aiming sept 2018,wen is the latest i shud be giving my lsat by ?
  3. I apologize, this is very basic .. but I know nobody who went to law school here. That is the only reason. I need help in picking the right program. I thank everybody who is kind and taking time to reply to my questions. my back ground: i did bachelors of electronics engineering and post graduate diploma in information technology with 6+ years of work experience in information technology. With that as my back ground my English is good enough for law school, so that is nt my concern.
  4. my French is i should say almost level 1, very basic , and my GPA from undergrad isnt that good either, i am preparing for LSAT... to do JD and LLB is it the same ? because when i look at the university website they dont have anything specifically LLB, just JD.. or joint programs.. if i am doing just a JD, wont i be getting a bachelors degree as well ? as in LLB ?
  5. well..in these 4 years, i moved to canada and got my permanent residency a month ago and hoping this would help in a lower fee.. now from my post 4 years ago, i know that i need a JD to practice law in canada, i m more keen on u of Ottawa, for its in the capitol is my reason..so when i m looking at the programs of U of ottawa, how do students take up here ? just do the JD or bachelors in political science/ commerce or even masters of arts/MBA + JD for those who have done their under grad already and just need a JD
  6. I am a new immigrant, did my engineering back home.. I am planning on attending law school, I have few questions as I am new in the country and not sure how the law scene here is. To begin with: 1) to practice law, I need to have a JD ? and I have to do a bachelors ? 2) when i look at U of Ottawa, what should be the programs I should be looking at ? what i see on the website are bachelors of commerce + JD, Bachelors of political science + JD, certificate in law ,.. 3) I dont have a masters degree, i would ideally want to do a LLM, but that will nt let me practice law unless I hav JD...so I have to re-do my bachelors in the form of LLB + JD ?
  7. With the application fee for a single law school, a simple man can survive for a month or two in my country.. So for the thousand reasons I have, I should be determined enough to apply for LLM , considering the fact that it is going to take more time, money, effort and luck to complete the courses than the regular LLB/JD counterparts .. the post here already cleared few misconceptions i did had of law in Canada...
  8. to begin with, the forum is for lawstudents.. both future n present ? any harm in posting questions to be clear of what one is getting into ?
  9. I am doing research from my end and have posted here on the forum as a part of it. To hear more of how and which school i stand a chance for, before sending my applications.. I am on the task of going through the requirements of law schools...
  10. Because , if i start with JD/LLB n then LLM it will take years to just finish my studies .. even to do LLM, without a under grad law degree i will need to take plenty of extra under grad courses, in the case if any law school agrees to take me for LLM..
  11. true, it is not easy for people outside North America to understand the education system of law in Canada.. Post LLM, I am not looking to practice law immediately or if things dont go as per how they should, may be never...I understood by now, with out a JD/LLB I can go nowhere around the practice..but i will require a masters degree, even for administrative jobs in most of the places.. i chose law over MA in Public policy/affiars..
  12. which law school are u doing ur JD from ? yes, just an LLM doesnt qualify for practice, but my emphasis is also to do a Masters degree for survival for time being .. i m dropping mails to law schools across canada inquiring if they will accept other graduates for LLM .. RobsonHall,Manitoba and Saskatchewan told a NO and that they will require a under graduate in Law degree to do LLM
  13. i will apply in both the law schools for sure...but how tough is it to get into these 2 law schools ?
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