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  1. Tohnee

    Low Undergrad Grades

    In all the interviews I had between the 2L summer and articling recruit (somewhere in the range of 30 interviews) I was only ever asked once about my undergrad grades. Just be ready with an answer if you are asked about them; however, I don't think it's likely you will be.
  2. Tohnee

    Graduation Awards Ceremony

    There's a schedule of the day attached to an e-mail that was sent out around June 6th with some details. I think they just present the awards listed here: http://law.uwo.ca/current_students/student_services/finances/awards_and_scholarships.html Pretty sure that anyone getting an award has been notified (either by email or by it showing up in their Student Centre account) already... For those graduating with distinction, that may be mentioned when they call your name? I'm not entirely sure.
  3. Tohnee

    Dean's List 2016-2017

    I had an A- average each year and made Dean's List in 1L and 3L (1L/2L I had an ~81% average; 3L I had an ~84% average). Cutoff seems to be somewhere around an 80 for 1L and an ~82 for 2L/3L.
  4. Tohnee

    Dean's List notifications

    What about medalists? Any word?
  5. Tohnee

    Dean's List notifications

    My understanding is that official notifications re: Deans List haven't gone out for 1L either, just that Mysty told some people in her group or something
  6. Tohnee

    Downtown Housing

    Thanks! I haven't been able to get to London so I I haven't seen the place I'm renting yet (someone else went to look at it though)
  7. Tohnee

    Downtown Housing

    Reviving this old thread - does anyone know anything about 500 Talbot?
  8. Tohnee

    Accepted 2014

    Did anyone else who's still finishing their undergrad and already got in get that email about sending transcripts and applying for bursaries? Do I still need to send my final transcript if I've been accepted?
  9. Tohnee

    Accepted 2014

    Yeah of course, waiting is annoying but at the end of the day I'm going to make the best of it and be happy no matter where I am
  10. Tohnee

    Accepted 2014

    In December 12 OLSAS cGPA: 3.05 LSAT: 165/170
  11. Tohnee

    Accepted 2014

    Might be he/she went to a school that benefited from UofT's new conversion system, had a different grading system, and/or wrote good personal statements. My GPA isn't much higher than his but I don't doubt that I'd be able to handle the workload at any school.
  12. Did y'all get the e-mail about applications being received? Waiting blows
  13. Understandable. Now that my application is submitted I'm mostly looking to ease my mind while I wait more than anything else. The second article talks about them trying to attract Canadian students who attended US schools so at least leave me with that
  14. Thanks to those who gave constructive answers. Found this in another thread in case anyone is curious: http://ultravires.ca/2013/10/dean-alarie-introduces-new-admissions-regime/ http://ultravires.ca/2013/10/u-of-t-law-modifies-admissions-policies/ Apparently they're using data from previous 1L students to see how applicants with similar profiles have performed and shifting away from the heavy weighting on numbers (at least that's what I got out of those)
  15. Currently in my fourth year at an Ivy League with a grade deflation policy (they include a letter with my transcript)... a 3.1 translates roughly to around 87%. Thoughts?