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  1. 2L here. I agree with Happydude, but I would just add that the courses you take factor into the respectability of your GPA. Getting a 3.2 GPA when the majority of your courses are seminars (B+ curve) isn't so great compared to getting that same GPA having taken mostly lecture courses (particularly the tougher courses like conflicts, evidence, crim pro, admin, labour) that curve to a B.
  2. The experience was fantastic. Unlike Scotia Kingston, RBC has always been courteous and prompt in their correspondence. I also forgot to mention, I was approved at RBC in 5 minutes for 80k at prime+ 0.5% WITHOUT a cosignor
  3. Rejected last year from Kingston Scotia branch (Queen's). The whole process was a complete nightmare, wasted over a months time dealing with them. I was rejected with a similar credit score. I've never had any debt, but I had 2 missed payments during my 6 years with my credit card. Although they said I would be approved with a co-signor, I was rejected again despite the fact that my parents both had 55+ years between them in permanent government jobs, near perfect credit, no debt and ample savings/assets. I still don't understand Scotia's thought process here. It seemed to me like the safest loan they could make. After the gong-show with Scotia, I walked in to my local RBC where I was approved for 80k (their full amount) @ prime + 0.5% in 5 minutes.
  4. MTYoda, the bad news is that you want be able to redo the year nor will McGill allow you to retake courses. The good news is that you have two years to buckle down and bring up your gpa. My experience at McGill has taught me that getting a good gpa at McGill is tough, especially considering that only 10% of students in the faculty of arts achieve a GPA of 3.7+. However, it's totally doable if you select your courses strategically. If you are motivated and serious about law, forget all the advice about picking courses based on your interest level! Pick courses in which getting an A is actually fairly achievable (read up on courses and profs in the McGill sub-reddit and on ratemyprof). There are plenty of "bird courses" at McGill, you should be taking one every semester in order to boost your gpa and lighten your workload. Just my two cents. Feel free to PM me if you want specific advice about McGill arts courses.
  5. Submitted payment yesterday and now have the same message as well.
  6. No sir, decided like mid November not to write in December. Ah well.
  7. Out with 3.8/160/weak Ecs Applied with the intention of rewriting the LSAT, but was too lazy in the end.
  8. Finally settled on Queens due to a number of factors, livability being a big one
  9. Finally got around to declining my offer from Osgoode. Here's hoping the spot goes to someone on here!
  10. In via letter dated February 10th, even though my Bear tracks status still shows "decision pending" 3.8 cgpa/160
  11. At this point, it doesn't look like it.
  12. Nope regular category. Also no extenuating circumstances or disabilities.
  13. In this afternoon cgpa: 3.8 lsat: 160 ECs: weak
  14. No sir. First write in October.
  15. Accepted today! CGPA: 3.8 LSAT: 160 ECs: Weak Time for decide between Oz and Queens
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