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  1. Careful - the thought of self-driving cars makes many MVA-reliant insurance lawyers want to vomit.
  2. Haha. I didn't make that argument - someone else did. But you may feel differently about your position on this issue if you saw what 90% of plaintiffs' claims actually look like.
  3. Recent cases? Sabadash. El-Khodr. Cobb. Oldies but goodies? - Heath & Economical. Henry & Gore Mutual. Smith & Cooperators. Insurance law has cases too, believe it or not! However I wouldn't recommend this strategy (which, to clarify, was originally suggested as a joke) if you want to come across as a cool cat at a cocktail party.
  4. A lot of people say they were "yelled at" in articling when what they really mean is that they were given negative feedback, sometimes with less tact than they would like, and it was a blow to their ego. This will probably happen to you, and it is not inherently a bad thing. Criticism makes you better.
  5. Firms ranked from best to worst: 1. Morgans 2. Every other firm
  6. I'm a K-JD, and a junior lawyer. The only time my age has come up has been with the odd d-bag opposing counsel, and I'm pretty sure that's driven moreso by me being junior than by me being young. I can't imagine those lawyers (who are VERY few and far between, just to be clear) would treat me any differently if I was 2-3 years older but had the same year of call.
  7. Impossible!! How could anything possibly be more fun or interesting than a LAT arb?? 🤣
  8. I don't work in biglaw so I could be wrong - but to me, first year associates in biglaw seem pretty fungible. Also, every year there seems to be a bunch of unemployed first years floating around who didn't get hired back at their biglaw jobs, who I'm sure would all be thrilled to get a job at [firm name redacted]. I don't know that it would be too difficult to replace these students. But it's unlikely, you're right.
  9. As if anyone believes that Ryerson truly stands behind their ~*access to justice*~ mandate.
  10. I dunno man. Seems risky. The firm (which shall remain nameless) might just pay them whatever they want for articling and then can the whole class when hire-back decisions are made.
  11. I heard a rumour that the summer students at one Bay St firm collectively revolted and refused to sign their articling contracts unless they received raises. Is this true? Can anyone confirm or deny?
  12. Is this seriously a concern? Are you starting law school, or summer camp?
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