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  1. Seems accurate. Missed deans list as an upper year with an 80.
  2. Samis + Company has sent their articling information package as of this morning.
  3. Samis + Company has given out reception invitations
  4. Grillo Barristers Also Lawson LLP has sent out reception invites.
  5. I can't speak for students who aren't interested in PI/insurance defence. I applied because I have experience and interest in this area.
  6. Received another interview offer today (and turned it down) so for those that are still hoping, there's a chance!
  7. Also for fellow applicants, both Thomson Rogers and Stieber Berlach offered reception invites. Clyde & Co offered a lunch invite. Could anyone else who received receptions or lunches let us know which firms have offered them?
  8. I'll also chime in for future applicants. The following firms called without ITCs: Stieber Berlach, Bogoroch & Associates, Thomson Rogers, Heller Rubel, Lafontaine & Associates, Greenspan Partners, Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan, Samis + Company, Blouin Dunn, Benson Percival Brown. There needs to be a better system than firms just bombarding us with calls at the same time. Even with plenty of ITCs scheduling was a nightmare and I had to cancel or turn down firms that gave ITCs. I've also encountered some questionable practices from some firms.
  9. This definitely threw me off this morning.
  10. ITCs:Hughes Amys (last week), Smockum Zarnett (yesterday), Mills & Mills (yesterday), Lawson LLP (today), Clyde & Co (today), and Rogers Partners (today). For those that have heard from crim firms, do you mind sharing which ones they were?
  11. A few people at my school heard last week
  12. The team has been around longer than that Smosh video so I don't think people should link the song lyrics to the team or their previous name. The team name was based on a stupid sexual innuendo that has been around for many years (how many similar ones did Bart come up with in the Simpsons?). Some view it as offensive, some don't. But it's generally inappropriate.
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