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  1. I'm an Assistant Crown in Ontario. If that is something you'd be interested in hearing about, DM me.
  2. I don't know the rates exactly but I will PM you my experience of being hired back if you want.
  3. From personal experience, I wrote the bars before articling and found it beneficial. Several of the organizations I interviewed with expected you to have written them prior to beginning in August. It is definitely nice to not have to worry about them later, and if you unfortunately need to rewrite one, you will have the study time saved for when you need it. If you do get a position and they want you to begin right away, the deferral process is super simple and I think it's only a week of notice needed to the LSO. Should that occur, you can easily postpone them to another sitting. Don't worry too much, I think most organizations are understanding and will work with you here. Hope that helps, feel from to DM me if I can help further. Good luck!
  4. I worked as a 2L summer student for the ACPS and the interview was quite informal. They asked me why I was interested in criminal law, what I thought was the most important quality for a Crown to have, what was a criminal case I liked... And then mostly about my interests. This was a couple years ago, so things may have changed. Definitely cannot hurt to know the above cases though, especially Jordan. DM me if you need anything else.
  5. I am currently articling for the MAG and definitely work 60 or more hours a week. Some are better than others, but the lawyers have given me lots of assignments on Friday expecting it done for Monday :/
  6. I have too. I called LSUC and they said the tech people are working on it and hopefully it'll be good to go tomorrow.
  7. Anyone heard from the Thunder Bay City Solicitor?
  8. Did anyone ever hear from the MAG civil remedies for illicit activites branch?
  9. This is a bit off topic and potentially a dumb question, but are Etobicoke and Scarborough held to the same procedure as Toronto firms? I haven't heard of anyone getting a call from their Crown offices yet. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the responses. The job is full service, although primarily litigation and they do criminal as well. I believe the work up north would be primarily family and criminal. Im a little concerned as well because they haven't really told me much of anything - I am supposed to come meet them in person and maybe that is when things will be discussed. You are probably right though about taking the sure thing though. While the Crown would be awesome, it is obviously super competitive and wouldn't start until next year.
  11. Hey all, was just looking to get some opinions on my situation. I am graduating from a law school outside Ontario but have been looking for articling here with little success. I had been preparing to apply broadly in Toronto for the upcoming round - primarily for the Crown for which I have previous experience and ultimately is where I want to work. However, I have received what is essentially an offer from a firm I applied to several months ago to start soon. The only thing is, it isn't much money and it has some interesting stipulations, including moving way north to their other location after articling. I will most likely accept but I am wondering if its worth the risk to wait and apply again... I've heard that its really hard to get into the Crown unless you article with them. If anyone has any input, I am all ears! Thanks!
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