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  1. Just got email ITC from Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (MAG)
  2. I did not do that for a single firm in my applications. I started off with a general line about what I am interested in and then going off to mention how I feel that the firm I am applying to is able to offer that experience to me and nothing more. I have 5 ITC's so far and my grades are not stellar by any means. Judging from my experience so far (did not participate in OCI's), I feel like what got me the interviews is my extensive experience in a specific branch of the law, as well as multiple in-depth reference letters qualifying my skills in that branch. To be honest any single student can go to networking events and mention such stories on their cover letter; it would not be logical to interview/hire students based on that. So I do not think there should be any regrets on your end... Keep your head up and fight through; there is a lot of hope as many firms do not do ITC's and even if you do not land anything (just as I may not!), the fight goes on, this is just the first round of many more to come... Best of Luck!
  3. Anyone else got any news since the last acceptance this past Thursday?
  4. Maybe yours is from some other time other than PRESENT. I was in a branch TODAY, I was shown in their SYSTEM the yearly Max is 25k. the Minimum interest is prime + half. This was at a managers desk and she insisted they have nothing more than 25k per year and/or less than prime+0.5. I'd love to go back and slap some proof in her face, so if your LOC is present please PM me some details! The statement regarding competitive schools and different rates is for RBC and valid. For the cosigner I was also told by the manager that "in most cases a cosigner is required" whereas RBC clearly states no cosigner here: http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/services/student/mba-credit.html
  5. Myth! if you have never been late on payments and have a good history they don't. At least they didn't for me. They (RBC) are also very thorough and take a complete breakdown of costs (tuition, housing, food, books, transportation, bills, etc.) I'm planning to attend a school with $10K tuition but I'm getting $120k LOC by breaking down all the costs that average at around 38-40k per year. Scotia's interest of Prime minus %1 is also a myth! Scotia has a 25K per year max and does not give you access to all the funds at once. They say most cases require a cosigner, whereas RBC does not require one. RBC also offers a 2 year grace period and interests do not change after graduation which is crazy awesome. Not an RBC employee lool just been hunting for a good LOC in the past couple of days and theirs is the best. It wasn't really a couple years ago but they beefed up their game to compete with others. Oh by the way if you are in a more competitive (more $$$) school (i.e. OZ, UofT, UBC, etc.) the rate is lower at prime rate (2.7), all other 2nd tier and lower law schools have the rate of prime + %0.5 (3.2)... Scotia has the minimum rate of prime + half regardless. Hope that helps.
  6. False! This cycle is unlike past cycles due to delays experienced; a large number of people have still not heard from many schools due to such delays and as such the schools are also not as full as past years at currents times. Offers can be expected up until beginning of July. Even in past punctual years, there were offers as late as 1 week prior to start of classes. As long as you don't have a rejection as your status, there's HOPE
  7. Do all accepted applicants receive invitations to join the group though? if so then that figure becomes a strong representative of accepted students and gives some hope... Also how are there almost 500 people in the group of 2019 when class size is only 290? I know I'm gonna be bitched at for posting here but I feel like its pretty "acceptance" related :S
  8. Long Shot?!! buddy long shots are those applying with low/sub 150 lsats! your LSAT score is almost in the 90th Percentile... I wish everybody here was as humble as you
  9. Checked the portal today and saw the "refused" status. cGPA: 3.03 (shitty first year, retook them all, but still counts!) B3/L3/ 3.78 LSAT: 151/158 Well rounded EC's, work, volunteer, involvement.. haven't heard back from any other ontario school except u of t (rejection ofcourse)
  10. Its best to not spread speculations and false information to create a moral panic! Classes are usually only 2/3 full by April first response deadline. Thats not even close to "almost full"! Offers go out periodically until end of June! In the past years offers have been gone out in July amd August even (waitlist ofcourse). This year has been a delayed cycle and I suggest to everyone to not panic! It's a hollistic review that you paid for and you will most likely receive.
  11. Fingers crossed! I applied to calgary and alberta too, but after my december score was released I didn't bother to follow through with the documents since Alberta averages and calgary doesn't consider february :/ Should have applied to Dal too... Yes! My last 3 are straight A's from York, with 2 B+'s and a couple of A+'s to cancel them out
  12. Hi I'm in a huge limbo since I have applied to multiple law schools for Sep/2017 and have not heard back so far. I believe I know why, but just need some advice/confirmation from the more experienced folks on the forum! I wrote the LSAT twice, Dec/2016 (151) and Feb/2017 (158). My CGPA is 3.03 according to OLSAS (I had a very bad first year, 2x F's, 1x D; all of which I retook and did better; I also explained the reasoning in the statement), my L3/B3 GPA is 3.78, B2/L2 is 3.8 (York University, Criminology). I have consistent and solid EC's, worked throughout undergrad, volunteered at a personal injury firm, good involvements in groups at school, etc. 3 Letters; 2 from profs, 1 from an employer. Spent quite some time writing my statement with focus on challenges as a member of a minority group living in a 3rd world country and difficulties faced in my transition to Canada and focus on altruism, social justice and making a difference. I have applied to everywhere in ONTARIO + UNB. Only school I have heard back from thus far is U of T and that was an expected rejection; everywhere else its either in queue/pending/under evaluation, etc. My educated guess is that schools order their files with better stats to worse; and because of my crazy low cgpa Im at rock bottom and haven't been looked at. My fear is that by the time they get to me, there might be limited or no spaces left and I would not be able to get in! Now can somebody with experience or knowledge shed some lights on the matter? Because I have seen quite a number of people who wrote the feb LSAT get into different schools with much lower LSATs... Also what should my game plan be if I don't get in this cycle? Retake LSAT? Is it also worth it to somehow go through petitions and fight to get my first year grades removed from my transcript, because I had valid reasons for them and at the time I was told by the university staff that it won't be counted and professional schools won't see my original grade upon retake! I highly appreciate your time invested in reading and helping
  13. Hi, Just out of curiosity, what is your CGPA and L2/B2? When were you accepted to Ottawa? Reason I ask is my L3/B3 GPA is 3.8 too, LSAT of 158 (February as well), but I still haven't heard back from a single law school!
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