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  1. Hey, I'm not sure how useful this will be... but shall try anyway I did about 1.5 years worth of undergrad classes post-degree, spread out over 5 semesters (was also working f/t, so about 3-4 per semester). It bumped my OLSAS CGPA from 3.16 to 3.38, which seems at least somewhat significant. You're considering fewer total courses, so I'm not sure how much they'll affect your cgpa... Have yet to hear back from the schools I applied to in Ontario (Queens & Osgoode), so I'm not sure whether my LSAT score (ave. 169, highest 170) is enough to compensate for that cgpa. As for L2... I'm really not sure how these part-time courses are considered in terms of making up 'years'. The OLSAS calculations do show all those extra courses as comprising two years of GPA, but whether the part-time situation will influence how schools weigh it I don't know.
  2. Oops, didn't log back in 'til now. Guess I will have to be patient and find out post-holidays.. But thanks - that's a less worrying scenario!
  3. Letter has arrived Likely declining though.. L2 3.3 ish, Av. LSAT 169
  4. Yep, still waiting... I wonder when it would be reasonable to suspect that the application went missing and contact them to check...
  5. Got my call/email yesterday! LSAT: 170 GPA: 3.4ish/4 (after drops) Deadline March 1st.
  6. @ Comstock: PTing in mid 170s - nothing below 167 except the first attempt when I wasn't familiar with the pace I needed to keep. I've managed up to 179/180 (once) depending on which section I took as an extra... I guess mid 170s isn't thaaaat much better - but still better!
  7. @ kenoshakid: Haha i just looked at what LSAC reported to me! What I've done in between sounds pretty mediocre to me.. But I've got a decent explanation for that to include in my PS. @ malicious prosecutor: a - I know it's a decent score in itself; but I figured if the grades are holding me back, an even better score might help.. b - I'll cancel my score if I feel like it was an off day; that shouldn't hurt me, should it? I almost canceled this past one, knowing that it wouldn't be what I wanted, but I was too curious! I do appreciate the concern though!
  8. re. LSAT - I thought that might sound slightly silly... (It was 97th percentile for the June 2013 writing) It's just that I've done quite a bit better in practice (under test conditions), and I'm cautiously optimistic that with less test day anxiety - now that I've gone through it once - I can replicate one of my better practice scores. I don't really mind writing again, and if I can potentially make myself more competitive.. I guess why not re-write?
  9. Hi! If anybody has a moment to speak to this, I'd really appreciate it! I was hoping for some clarification on how much/whether distance (time-wise) from a mediocre (3.16) GPA matters; I've read that generally the longer it has been the better, but from what I've found on this forum, the number seems to be all that matters for most schools. A bit of background: I finished my undergrad in 2007, and for financial/personal reasons did not continue with further schooling until 2011-2013 (during which I took additional undergraduate coursework, initially with the intention to review and prepare for graduate school). My average for these post-degree courses is around 3.9. My time between schoolwork was spent employed, but not with any remarkable accomplishments that I could claim as ECs. The question is, essentially, will it come to the attention of admissions that I've got two transcripts that are 6 years apart, with the recent one (despite being post-degree) reflecting much greater effort/potential? In case it is relevant to this issue, my first LSAT writing was a 169 (attempting it again in Oct!). Thank-you for your time!
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