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  1. Yeah. I did ask this on another post but that was only a side note. Nobody was responding to that one at the time so I decided to separate it. I mentioned that I did volunteer at the firm, but not that it was supervised by my aunt. I didn't think that would be important. I thought it was best to fill in what my tasks were in the volunteer section on the sketch rather than go into details like that.
  2. As they considered just a lecturer or a course director?
  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Mine are similar to many aspects of these in regards to my love of urban planning and preserving characteristics of cities/neighbourhoods and how it has influenced me in trying to carry this passion from my undergrad into law school. For my other stuff I talked about my weight loss journey and how that has transformed me into the person I am now both physically and mentally. I last talked about a research study I did in school that showed just a couple of my skills that I developed and honed through this process. I also talked a bit about how I worked with the school community and tried to engage others in campus participation through organizing events and academic advising through groups I am an exec member on. I am happy now that mine sounded very alike to these. Now let my December LSAT carry me into the ranks of law school!
  4. So yeah. I included both this non-academic one and 2 from my uni profs.
  5. It may be because I love what I am doing for my undergrad. I am really passionate for both fields I am in. This is actually why I know I do well in school. Also, most of my work deals with writing very long papers and conducting studies both based on previous academic research or coming up with our own field work. On the other hand, the LSAT is a multiple choice test, and even though I have approached these before, I am not interested with the LSAT test materials. My school work is very different from the LSAT stuff essentially so this is why I don't think I am doing as well with this. After thorough studying this month though I really believe I can improve my mark and get into some of my schools i applied for.
  6. I might do the same. I will call tmrw. However, many people said on here that it won't be too much of a big deal. I think I had a really good PS written specifically for them so i dont think they will mind as much.
  7. On one of the other posts in 'general', another applicant mentioned that they wrote down QUEENS instead of QUEEN'S on their statement. I realized that I also made this mistake within the application. What does everyone think we should do? Will this really affect our admissions chances? I wrote down the word QUEENS without the apostrophe 4 times.
  8. Oh man. I just realized this also. Crap. What is going to happen. What should we do?
  9. I won't stress over this anymore. I realized that this was the only volunteer opportunity of mine from a non-academic ref that was worthy of having a LOR from. She was the ONLY person who could actually write to the extent of my abilities and tasks performed. The OLSAS sheet asked for this to be disclosed and she obviously did. I still think was better than a letter from my retail managers who didnt even attend Uni or college and even said they wouldn't be able to write a professional letter. I will just have to wait and see what happens. Chances are that a higher LSAT from me in December makes this somewhat moot. I do realize the entire family thing raises a question. I understood that. I just asked for second opinions on here. But again... No other choice on my behalf despite all of my work and volunteer exp. , etc.
  10. I have studied for 3 months. Probably 20 PT's. The real problem is my timing for the sections. It would be such a shame if my GPA, all my volunteering, great reference letters, etc. went to waste because of this test.
  11. It didn't make sense to get someone else from the firm to write it. Although I was hired there for volunteering she was my supervisor. She knew of the opening and told me to try out for the position. I got it. She is in charge of patents there and she was my only supervisor. I did the research and data entry specifically and only for her. Nobody else. I interacted with others in the firm only when it was lunch time. Nothing else. So I really don't see how this was avoidable. She couldn't lie and I obviously couldn't either. No one else could have written about my skills/abilities and what I was able to accomplish but her. So it would be a shame if i was overlooked as a result. I do see what you are saying though. But I pray this is not the case. I really like Windsor.
  12. Well I did have other non-academic references but they were all in retail. I chose this one in particular because It was from a law firm. That was the main reasoning of mine. The other people that could have written me letters from my retail history, in my opinion, would not be able to write a good Letter for me (in terms that they have never written one before and told me they had not the slightest clue in doing so). I guess I took a risk. But maybe they could question my judgement. However, that would be crazy.
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