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  1. It seems it's been that way in the past, yes.
  2. ^Same situation over here. I called the Student Director.
  3. Anyone know whether the firms schedule lunches on Monday or Wednesday as well? Or are Monday dinner/Tuesday lunch/Tuesday dinner the only opportunities to meet with firms outside of formal interviews?
  4. Anyone know if 5 or 6 in-firms is the general standard (or which is a better idea)? I've heard of people doing both but it would seem that doing 5 leaves much more room for lunches and second interviews on Tuesday.
  5. As far as the likelihood of getting hired goes, it's small. There just aren't many positions to go around. That said, you will likely get interviews if you get A's on your first term exams, and if your resume/application package is fairly strong. You have nothing to lose by applying, and it definitely helps with motivation in 1L if you're aiming for a summer job. I can't say just yet how much it helps in succeeding in 2L recruitment, but I can tell you that during the OCIs, firms seemed to be most interested in my summer job out of everything on my resume. However, a lot of my classmates had the same number of OCI offers as me and they didn't have a law-related job after 1L. The main benefit of it is to give you something compelling to talk about at interviews that's recent. And no, a non-legal job certainly wouldn't be considered strange when being interviewed, since a large portion of students do these kind of jobs during 1L summer.
  6. Thanks so much! Those are a bit different than the link WeirFoulds sent so it helps a lot.
  7. Anyone interview with WeirFoulds here? It would be great to get an idea of the types of behavioral questions they ask. They're not my strong point at all.
  8. Luckily, I ended up getting 11 on day 1 and 7 on day 2. Glad I didn't drop more than 2.
  9. ^Thanks for all the responses. I decided to go with 18...hopefully they're fairly evenly distributed over the 2 days. I felt like it was too early to rule out certain firms so I only turned down those I was sure I wouldn't want to work at.
  10. So there are a few days to accept OCI offers, and I'm stuck on what to do. Initially I thought it would be no problem to accept any offers that came my way, since I only applied to (20) firms that interested me. My school conducts interviews over 2 days, so I figured 10/day would be stressful, but manageable. But now I've been informed that interview dates are randomly assigned, and if I accept all 20 I could potentially have 15-20 all in one day. That does seem pretty crazy, but I'm also worried about closing doors. I've visited the majority of firms that I applied to and I can't say that any made a bad impression. They're also pretty much all large, full-service firms. To anyone that accepted a large number of OCI offers during previous cycles, did you regret doing so? And from anyone's observations, is there a pattern of students taking on a large number of interviews and getting no offers? It would be helpful to get some insight before I start trying to narrow them down. Is anyone else debating this?
  11. Is anyone else at Osgoode having technical issues with accessing the OCI offer list?
  12. Wow, OP, you seem to have definitely deserved the A+ in all respects - congrats. Somehow I ended up with the same mark in State and Citizen (different section) and yet found it to be one of the least interesting courses (and put together my summary for the final the day before). Law school exams can be strange - my hunch is that simply knowing the material and being a good writer tends to get one A's (though in cases like yours, genuine interest in the subject can get you far). ^EMP - probably the best thing to do would be to read Getting to Maybe for an overview of some exam writing strategies, as well as take practice exams during your exam prep (profs usually provide you with exams from past years). I've found 'issue spotting' to be a less deliberate exercise than the term would suggest - naturally you are issue spotting in the course of reading a fact pattern on an exam, but knowing the material very well can help you pick up some of the more subtle ways profs might test your knowledge. You'll see what I mean when you take an exam. Congrats again, OP, on the great grades.
  13. I will be working at a court, but it's only 3/4 months so I hope to travel with my extra few weeks off. Summer can't come soon enough at this point
  14. I'm at Osgoode and I've met several summer and articling students from Windsor at Bay street firms I've toured. I remember getting the impression that school selection was such a big deal before starting law school, but it's really not. What matters is how well you do and how well you sell yourself once you're there.
  15. Just wanted to say congrats to you all on your acceptances . I remember how great it felt. I'm a 1L at Osgoode, so please do not hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any questions on what it's like!
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