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  1. I am a fellow Albertan who is just finishing up my time at Osgoode. If I could offer my advice, stay home and go to U of A. It is a great school, and the extra debt definitely becomes a factor the closer to the end you get. I don't think Osgoode has anything better to offer in terms of Crim specifically, maybe some more experiential learning, but not anything that is worth the cost difference. Also, if you want to work back in Alberta, you should definitely stay. I came out here because I kind of thought the economy in Alberta might tank while I was in school, and wanted to have a good plan B... It has been so hard to find articling jobs back home, partly because of the economy, but also because I haven't been able to network at all. It is so, so, so important to be able to do that. Send me a message if you have any other questions. I'm happy to answer any Osgoode questions you might have.
  2. I grew up in a small town in Alberta, but have lived in major cities all over Canada and all over the world; Vancouver, Sydney, London, Calgary, and find myself in Toronto now. I can't wait to be done law school so I have the opportunity to get out of this hot mess and into the countryside again. For me, even though I've experienced cities and the things they have to offer, and there is a ton. The day to day life of living in a small town is just so much easier! I went back to my hometown last summer after 15 years away and worked for my local municipality. It was bliss! A two minute commute, a great golf course that I could get out on anytime I wanted to, most amenities you would want, good fishing a half hour out of town, all the things I wanted were there. Sure, I'll miss being able to go to Jays games when I eventually leave Toronto, but I don't mind missing the big events from time to time for more simplicity in my everyday life.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a lot more firms looking for 1L hires this summer as opposed to 2L's? This is completely anecdotal, but it definitely seems that when I was searching for a job last year (my 1L summer), there were more available jobs for 2L's, and this year seems to be the exact opposite, everyone wants a 1L. Is this just me seeing things because I'm stressing about it too much? Has anyone else found this to be the case? For reference, I'm mostly looking for work in Alberta.
  4. The interview for the mediation intensive is super informal. It was literally a couple minute sit down with the director to chat about why I might be interested in mediation and a couple other minor things. It's very much just a get to know you type of situation. I don't recall wearing anything other than my normal jeans and a hoody that I always wear to class, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Good luck going for any of the intensives! I can't speak for others, but this Mediation one has been a blast this year!
  5. There were a few reports of cockroaches in Passy last year. Myself, I had one come into my apartment while it was fleeing the poison sprayed on the higher floors. Honestly, I did find the place to be decent, and maintenance came very quickly when I reported any problems. Sounds like Assiniboine could be an adventure this year though!
  6. Thanks for that. I apologize for not responding sooner, I didn't get a notification that you had responded to me! I am assuming that setting up the Wifi router would be rather similar to setting up wired? It honestly blows my mind that they won't support Wifi in this day and age. I can't even fathom not having my phone or tablet hooked up to the internet while I'm at home! I just checked prices with some of the other ISP's, and it seems the $25/month for InRes is a steal compared to anyone else!
  7. I just got offered a one bedroom in Assiniboine after my application for Passy fell through. Does anyone know about the internet situation in Assiniboine? It seems AirYorkPlus does not reach that far, and I'll have to sign up for Resnet or something like that. The information provided says that it won't work with a wireless router, but only a wired router. Does anyone know if this is the case? Or if they just won't support problems with wireless routers? I only ask because having lived across the road in Passy last year, I noticed a lot of private networks available, so it seems to me there must be some way to get wireless in Assiniboine... Of course, those could all be done through a corporate ISP, I don't know.
  8. The problem is that it is not just that we missed two weeks of class, there is also an issue with the way some of the classes are being run since we have resumed. I know for myself, I am considering taking the pass/fail option for my property class. In this class in particular, the professor has decided to not cross the picket lines and is only offering us an opportunity to listen to recorded lectures with some online interaction with him. Personally, I learn much better in a classroom environment and I am a little bit worried that not having the opportunity to be in a classroom with a lecture is going to hinder me when I take the exam. Couple with this is the fact that this particular exam is closed book. I might be able to get away with a decent mark if I could have a summary for it. I haven't made up my mind yet, I'm going to see how things go with these recorded lectures. But, I would hope if I do make the decision to do pass/fail, I would be able to explain to employers why I did it. I would also hope that this would be seen as a somewhat reasonable reason to go that direction.
  9. Welp. All the rest of the professional faculties are going back, but not Osgoode. This is getting pretty frustrating and boring!
  10. This is right across the soccer field from Osgoode Chambers as well! I could probably kick a soccer ball from my front door to the hole! Kind of odd to think that this had been going on just across the way... Hopefully the press conference this morning shines a bit more light on what was going on!
  11. This is true. I do enjoy the city when I make the effort to get out and head downtown to visit with some friends there... But, it is just so hard to do that all the time with the workload and the time involved to get down there. But, even that... If I am looking to the future and what I want when I leave law school and hopefully have kids and whatnot... I think my quality of life (at least for me) is still going to be much higher in Calgary. It has a lot to do with having a good network there of friends and family... I'm building that here, but it will never be as deep. At the end of the day, Calgary is still home.
  12. No problem. And if you have any other questions just PM me or find me on here. Happy to help! I do like Calgary better than TO. I like that I can be anywhere I want in Calgary in less than an hour, I like that Calgary is so much less crowded than Toronto, I like that I can go to my favourite pub in Calgary and not have to worry about a line up... In general, I just find the quality of life I had in Calgary prior to moving here was vastly superior to what I'm experiencing here. I've lived in a lot of different cities in my day, London (England), Sydney (Australia), Vancouver... And, I guess I've just found that I prefer a slightly smaller city. It also helps that my family and most of my friends are still in Calgary... That is one thing I can't undersell to you... The support network and the ability to just get away from law things is hugely important. But, to answer your question more directly.... I can see very few circumstances in which I would end up living in Toronto permanently. It just isn't for me, and my quality of life here will be significantly worse than it would be back in Calgary.
  13. I made this choice last year. I'm from Calgary and decided to come out to Osgoode for school.... Honestly, it's been a real mixed bag so far and I'm very seriously considering transferring back to Calgary. Pros: 1. It is a great school. The profs are all excellent, the course offerings once you get out of first year are phenomenal, the clinical and intensive options are terrific. 2. The new building and library are excellent. 3. It is not nearly as "gunnery" as I was lead to believe before I came out here. Cons: 1. It's so isolating. I was actually surprised at just how much the isolation of law school studying and the location of this school killed my mental state in the first semester. I thought I would come out here and would be able to often see some friends I had prior to law school... But, because the workload is so much and the school is so far away from ANYTHING fun that really hasn't happened at all. Don't underestimate this... It really can be hell. 2. I'm not sure I'm getting value for the extra money I am paying. I'm not sure what the extra $10,000 per year in tuition is getting me, and my plan has always been to move back to Calgary... What people say is very true, if you aren't planning to stay out here it may not make sense to come. I am very seriously considering a transfer back to U of C to do my final two years, but I'm very torn on the issue. On the one hand, even with the increased tuition in Alberta it will still be significantly cheaper. I like Calgary more than I like Toronto (at least this part of Toronto) and I am planning to go back there anyways. But, one of the big reasons I came out here is to give myself more opportunities than exist in Calgary. With the current economic climate in Alberta, I'm starting to think that it might make sense to just stay out here to finish, at least that way I've kind of got an avenue to explore both the Toronto and Calgary legal markets when I graduate, I think it just gives me more options. This got a little rambly in the end... If I had to do it again, I probably would still come out here. I don't regret it, but I wish I had been better prepared for just how much harder it is to go to law school away from friends and family.
  14. Yeah, I know of one or two people out here that joined the 2L class, but got hooked up with one of the 1L sections during O week so they could meet a few people. I definitely think it would be a bit tricky to integrate, but luckily I did my undergrad at U of C and know a few people who went on to law school there that will be entering 2L at the same time. I've definitely got a lot of thinking to do in the next few months and will have to see what looks like the best option later next semester. Thanks!
  15. Hey all! Does anyone here have any experience with transferring to Calgary after their 1L year somewhere else? I've looked into trying to do it, and it seems pretty straightforward. Just wondering if you ended up having to take extra classes in 2L to catch up? Or if you felt behind or left out in any way. Currently I'm at a school in Ontario, but I'm feeling this might not be the best place for me. I'm definitely not feeling like I'm getting very good value for my tuition money! So, I'm thinking about transferring home. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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