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  1. Just read the time machine by HG Wells, solid, quick read.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I would be curious as CIBC is mine, although I find it hard to believe that they will beat Scotiabank's setup.
  3. Hey everyone, I am trying to decide which bank to get my student loan from. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and could share any tips or suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Fair, I just wanted general experience in any law related field basically, as I have zero and I thought it would be preferable to find one that could also advance my career I don't really know what my legal passion would be yet, so I figured volunteering in a manner as AimAce said he/she does would be good for me at least for the experience portion. I guess I could try and talk to lawyers in a bunch of fields although it seems like that may be difficult and wont give a full perspective of how the day to day activities are. As far as asking the wrong question, maybe volunteering isn't the right route to go? Are there other options that I could pursue that would be more ideal for me to gain experience?
  5. Simply partaking in an action with the majority reason being career advancement does not mean that you cannot enjoy it, and does not mean that you cannot be excellent at it. Suggesting that I would lack the former and be unexceptional at it is a bit of a stretch. I am clearly not doing this for the sole purpose of career building, it is just the primary reason. As far as the common narrative in this thread goes, the belief that I am some prestige monger and looking to feel "big and important in an expensive suit" is ill founded. I addressed this earlier, I don't care about prestige. While money and prestige are often synonymous in our society, looking for one does not necessarily constitute looking for the other. Money used in the right way is freedom, I want freedom, and then I can contribute to society in an even more meaningful manner. Now that we've talked thoroughly about your feelings about me and my motives, and your thoughts on volunteers. We haven't really come up with much here... Maybe I'm asking the wrong question or looking to put my time in the wrong place... If these are my motives (as listed above), is there something more suited to them that would enhance ones career advancement?
  6. I don't have a JD yet 0L, starting in the fall, and if you have any suggestions for law related jobs that pay without a JD, please let me know! Because that would be fantastic, I'll also let the people on here with JD's looking for jobs to get in on them as well. I currently have a job in a completely different field where I make enough money and would like to spend some spare time volunteering in something that can advance my career as a lawyer. Yes, this is the joke, when I say exactly as it was meant. It means i understand how it was meant, don't mind that it is derogatory, and therefore stated the title exactly...as...it was meant. Of course I want to shop around... I have plenty of hobbies, not worried about prestige, the money is just a means to an end. Most of it will be invested so that when I become financially secure and more knowledgable in my field, I can move onto my real hobbies and interests, professional or otherwise. Anyway, other than Hegdis, there have been no real concrete examples of volunteer positions, just people flaming and advice on what I should base my choice of pursuits on. Please stick to answering the question. *******To classify my original post if it wasn't clear, I mean legal volunteer opportunities*****
  7. Im passionate about career advancement in terms of money, I can work on passion projects once I am personally secure and have the knowledge to contribute meaningfully. As far as experience, see above^ General question, give a general answer? I wasn't specific for a reason. Exactly as its meant to.
  8. I am just looking for some ideas as to what are the best volunteer positions to look for to get good experience and also would look good on a resume.
  9. Title ^ Was thinking about grad housing but figured I would see if anyone on here is looking for a roommate for the fall semester, would be nice to have your own place.
  10. I have not applied I would be waiting until next year, however, I thought they changed the index formula. And heard they changed the LSAT/GPA ratio to 50/50 resulting in a change in index scores? I could most likely get it to the 920 range by next year as well.
  11. Is this the norm from year to year? around a 907? I just don't want to hold out and then have it be way higher next year... I could definitely boost my LSAT and I need to take a couple extra courses to finish my degree anyway in which I know I can get an A minimum.
  12. I Just calculated mine at 900, I am seriously considering taking a year to stay in BC since I missed this application cycle due to a February LSAT. I could up my GPA a bit and re take the lsat, but might not even have to (LSAT). What has been the consistent trend in admissions index scores? UVIC drops 6 courses correct?
  13. I was thinking this, I could also work for the entire year off and with the job I can get, I would be able to pay for 75% of law school in full, at U of A where I shouldn't have an issue with acceptance. True, but the median at U of S is something like 3.5 and 159 so I don't think it would be an issue if I didn't get in anywhere else. Although, I would be back at square 1.
  14. I was thinking this, however, I have heard it is difficult to transfer in regards to reasons and grades? If any transfer students could chime in that would be cool.
  15. Going through a big decision process concerning law and my future, so who better to ask than LS.ca. Anyway, I applied this cycle, to 2 schools only, UBC and U of S, due to taking my first LSAT in Feb. and these schools being the only ones to accept that sitting (in western Canada at least). My stats are 3.45cgpa; 3.9L2/4.0 and 164 LSAT. I was rejected at UBC and accepted at U of S. I was excited to go to U of S because I have a SO of 4 years there attending since September. Shock, the relationship is on extremely rocky terms right now and I am unsure if I want to move to Saskatoon for 3 years where I know next to no one and aiming to practice in B.C. this could possibly hurt me? So my question is: Should I up my LSAT and boost my GPA in hopes of getting in to UBC or UVIC for the 2016 cycle? I think I can get my LSAT close to the 170 range as my PT average was 167 and I just choked a bit on test day being unsure of conditions, environment etc.. and I know I can get A/A+ in virtually any course I take. Or, should I start now and go to U of S just to get Law School out of the way and have another year of earning potential. -Hiring rates for U of S students in B.C. would be great too if anyone has access to them/they exist. Questions, comments, opinions all welcome. Thanks!
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