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  1. Hi All! Long time lurker and it is finally time for me to apply this fall! I was just wondering if I write the December LSAT instead of the October one...will that hurt my application? I know most schools I talked to said December is the last one they recommend you write. But I was just wondering... Will there be anything wrong with writing in December instead of October? I have been studying since May but am still a bit paranoid! Thanks all! Also.. when do schools start looking into applications? March? Thanks!
  2. SA17

    October 2015 LSAT Study Thread

    hi all! new to the board. but have been studying for the past two months. however I do start working full time soon. so I was thinking of pushing my LSAT to December. Do schools care if you write in Oct/Dec?. If so... I'll just have to keep grueling through this! thanks guys:)
  3. Hi there! I have a GPA of 3.3 and an lsat score of 170. I am employed with my University's Student Life as a Peer Academic Leader and am on the Varsity Lacrosse Team. What do you think my chances of getting into a good law school are? i.e (Osgoode, Mcgill, UWO?)