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  1. I have heard of people getting emails from Blakes. Also, Edwards, Kenny & Bray sent ITCs.
  2. Oh wow, you think that many? I had previously heard 4-6, but you're right it does seem like it could be a bit more than that...
  3. Apparently there is a dinner or something and possibly a few other events before school starts. If not we could take it upon ourselves
  4. I received an offer today as well. Congrats to you guys and anyone else who received an offer! Does anyone know how many spots were available at UBC for transfer students?
  5. Hi again, I just got a private message asking about stats. I only had a B average (76%) but compelling compassionate reasons (direct family member with a rare and incurable medical condition). If i were to draw any inferences from this it would be that UVic may place additional weight on particularly compelling compassionate reasons. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi guys, I had some trouble getting a hold of the school, so I don't think my file actually went complete until June 9. I just got an offer today. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Ah sorry! I'm sure that's not the case!!
  8. I agree! All I hope for is that we aren't still 0-0 because they are slowly entering the rankings in order! Gah!
  9. I'm 0-0 too redrose. I wonder what it means??
  10. I'm rooting for you too redrose! I was in this boat last year... Which 3 waitlists?
  11. Haha! Yeah, once people like me are kicked off!
  12. Were you in somewhere else in Ontario?
  13. Congratulations! That is so amazing!
  14. I'll try to remember to call tomorrow morning
  15. It would seem they are relaying different information to different people! How curious. Thomas925- my wait list message said reply before June 20th
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