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  1. Hola, I am thinking of transferring and was wondering what experiences people had/what rates of getting in were? Does anybody regret it?The LSAC site makes it seem like you can't do alot of activities like clininc and certain moots as a 2L transfer and have to wait until 3L any truth in this, kinda concerning. The passage on upper-year applicants also implies its really hitnmiss, can anyone attest? I would be aiming at moving from an ON school to another ON most likely. thanks for any help!
  2. GPA: 3.2, L2: 3.45 LSAT: 159, 149, 159 Softs: dual major coop, total of 1.5 years of full-time coop. Worked consistently in professional environments (government, corporate offices, etc) throughout university. Applying to windsor, western, queens, anywhere that will take me, and because i'm such a shitty candidate, probably abroad. Pretty sour about my stats as i don't think they're representative, but what are you gonna do. What are your thoughts on places i should apply/ chances?
  3. trying to guess which one is experimental based on one or two words seems to me to be pretty harmless.
  4. basically anything that could help anyone in anyway. or anything specific content-wise whatsoever. Someone posted a link somewhere in here that lead to thread discussing specifics if you wanna trawl through and find that
  5. i got $20 on -11 O thats right, neighbours. i THINK that was the exp.
  6. Pretty sure the last lr was the exp :/ thats how i'm feeling as wel, low 160's is my guess.
  7. excellllent! thanks it was definitely the third lr then which was definitely the trickiest. Now i'm excited for results.
  8. Honestly i'm racking my brain and its such a blur, there's something about bear caves and tissue sampling, something about an irish war/communal club, something about a city deciding on street lights.
  9. ya, property was the final one. mine was LR-RC-LR LR-LG I felt like a drowning man the entire LG. Splashing aimlessly without really doing anything to save myself.
  10. it was the one WITH darwin and property. I know that feel cherry pie. RC and LR i felt quite strong in. But LG was very very rocky. I'm guessing a low 160's for me.
  11. photographs was real, detested it. could feel my lip curl.
  12. TWY - FIGMS was NOT exp. not saying anymore for fear of being too specifc
  13. ditto, Completely and utterly fucked up LG, panicked, couldn't make any bloody inferences, ran out of time. Basically everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Other sections went well though.
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