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  1. Have you considered the LPP? If nothing else, you'll at least be able to get licensed and get 4 months worth of legal experience (most likely paid).
  2. I was in a similar position as you 2 years ago. My gpa was a little higher, but still mediocre. Like you, I did not have confidence in myself to write the LSAT successfully, and tried to take a back door into the profession. I applied to Leicester, and was accepted two days later. I was very naive to think that going this route would be a good decision. As the days passed, I found this forum and read through others' experiences and opinions towards foreign legal education. I was completely uninformed of the difficulties involved by going abroad, and decided to give myself a chance by writing the lsat. I manned up, and spent 6 months prepping for the test. I highly recommend the powerscore bibles. I did decently well on the lsat, and combined with my gpa, I was accepted to both law schools that I applied to: uofa and uofm. I know it feels that getting in is impossible, but it can happen for people in our position. As echoed on this website quite frequently, exhaust all your Canadian options. Almost every school has their own criteria of acceptance, so you will have a decent chance of getting in somewhere with your gpa and an lsat above 160. But please write the lsat, and don't make any hasty decisions.
  3. I applied in January to Tamarack. Still haven't received an offer yet. Residence services said the first round of offers already went out in May.
  4. Just out of curiosity, have any of you future 1Ls applied for residence yet? I may be applying to Tamarack. If anyone has any positive/negative experiences with the place, please do share. Thanks.
  5. You have to send in official transcripts after acceptance, in order for them to make a final decision.
  6. Hi, I will be sending UofM an email on Monday, but for the time being I'd appreciate it if someone could please help me out with some questions. I had taken a summer course at UofT as a visiting student after my first year at Mcmaster university. Unfortunately I did not pass it due to certain problems. Mcmaster documented it as a non credited course on my transcript. According to McMaster's transcript, I have completed 120 credits. So will I be required to send a transcript from UofT for that single course, or will Mcmaster's documentation of the course on my transcript suffice? If UofM requires the transcript from UofT, will they include that course in the AGPA calculation? For me the confusion arises from the fact that my transcript only states 120 credit hours; so will this 'F' from UofT be among the 30 credit hours dropped, or will it be disregarded as a non credited course, as per the McMaster transcript? Will UofM calculate my AGPA using 120 credits or 123 credits? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi, I think I meet UofA's admission requirements to be competitive, but I also have 4 course withdrawals in my last 2 years of undergrad. For those who'd want to know, my L2 GPA is 3.6 and LSAT score is 163. The emailed response I got from Kim was that this factor may affect my chances of admission, and she recommended that I address this issue on my supplementary application. To be honest, I have no viable reason other than not letting certain courses harm my GPA. I didn't have any plans to attend Law school or any professional program in particular, so I had no idea of the potential repercussions that course withdrawals will create for me. I let my neuroticism effect my decision making at the time. So I just wanted to know if there are others who were either accepted, rejected, or waitlisted because of course withdrawals despite having competitive GPA and LSAT scores. I'd be grateful if you'd share your experiences, if you or others you know were in a similar situation.
  8. Hi, first time poster here as well. Instead of starting a new thread, I thought it would be best to ask my own chances question under this one. Hope the OP doesn't mind. My stats are as follow: AGPA: 3.93 LSAT: 163 (June 2013) Index score: 79.5 What do my prospects look like for an early offer from U of M? Has anyone with similar stats been offered an entrance scholarship or bursary from the uni, based on the numbers alone? Thanks in advance for your help.
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