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  1. From here, echoing what the others said, you need to consider how to alter your approach in April. Go talk to your profs about your December exams to learn what you did well, and what you did poorly. Reflect on how you prepared in December. Should you join a study group? A different study group? Should you make your map from scratch? Should you change your approach to class readings? Should you pick up a treatise or two? Should you write more practice exams? And so on. This is highly individualized. Try to play your study strengths, but adapt them to the law school context. After December exams last year, I was in almost the same situation (2 Ps, 1 H). I adjusted my approach based on professor feedback and tried out different study strategies. I earned straight HHs in April and more than 20 OCIs in the 2L recruit. I know I'm not the only one to have this experience (though perhaps I am the most extreme example). From where you are now, it's certainly not impossible to improve and be competitive for the 2L recruit. However, it will take both introspection and hard work. If you want more individualized advice or more details about my experiences, feel free to pm me and I'd be happy to help any way I can. Keep your chin up, and don't let one bad semester stop you.
  2. During the recruitment this past fall, I got these two questions all the time. Almost everyone started by asking how I'd ended up in law school from my specific scientific background, then a fair number tried to speculate on areas of law I might like, most often asking about IP. It was frustrating in that it was repetitive, but at the same time that repetition made my interviews predictable and probably more straightforward. I found that as people made presumptions about my interests based on my background, I had to articulate fairly specifically what my interests actually were (especially if not IP). I suspect that other students with more typical law school backgrounds generally weren't put on the spot like this.
  3. If anything, spend time improving your typing speed and accuracy.
  4. I certainly didn't expect to be asked about it. Personally, I first heard about it here, and then there was some discussion of it within the 1L class last year. Diplock's suggestion makes sense, but I believe the lawyer I spoke with was involved in hiring at the relevant time. The other lawyers present didn't seem to know much about it.
  5. Congratulations to all the newly admitted students! Like TheLawStudent, I am happy to answer questions you may have (in the thread or by personal message). I'm currently a 2L at U of T. Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  6. U of T changed to semestered 1L courses as of last year. Now, 1Ls have final grades and an official transcript in January heading into the 1L recruit. The grade reporting scandal isn't quite dead. A lawyer asked me about it during Toronto in-firms this past November, when we were discussing the change to semestered 1L courses.
  7. Yeah. I received a Stikeman PFO this morning, after our list came out yesterday. It's really not helpful.
  8. OCI Goodmans (U of T). Edit: Nice timing
  9. Also, U of T Bereskin OCI on September 9, like the other schools noted above.
  10. OCI, Deeth Williams Wall (U of T).
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