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  1. Ok, but job prospects? I'm worried about finding a job after graudating.
  2. I am researching some college programs, and am very intrigued by a paralegal certification course. But I am worried about job prospects following graduation. I already completed a social work diploma in 2008 but because of my health (cancer, full remission now though) did not get into the field or acquire any experience. Now I'm ready to work, but I'm finding that I have no professional skills, hence going back to school. I'm genuinely interested in law and in pursuing this route, and spoke with the director of the paralegal program and found him quite candid and honest about what to expect with regard to job prospects after graduation. He stressed that the opportunities are numerable BUT it's important to start networking immediately, as a student. I totally appreciate this. Also, let me clarify that the province of Ontario is unique in that Ontario Paralegals CAN give legal advice and CAN represent clients in small court matters. However, as part of my research into this decision... I also spoke to a career recruiter on the matter. His advice was literally "Do not waste your time with paralegal. You won't find a job." So now I'm a bit worried. Are there any paralegals out there who can offer some advice on this?? Especially Ontario paralegals... I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!
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