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  1. You can try these at your discretion, judgment free: https://lawiscool.com/summaries-collection/
  2. More practice exams. I found them super helpful because they replicate what the test will feel like. The number one skill needed for the bar, imho, is being able to look stuff up fast. Yes, you should know the information, but average speed per question is what it comes down to. I don't remember which practice exams I used, just that they weren't cheap.
  3. Now that the Raptors have made the finals, I am more than satisfied. ; )
  4. If you go into administrative suspension but want to move back, wouldn't you have to pay all back fees? I was wondering about this when I saw the number of people who choose this option.
  5. That is a dumb analogy. I think it should be more than a "simple desire" to go to law school whether you have to give up a career or not. Some people go to law school 'cause they are under the impression that being a lawyer is a good or prestigious thing. Some people go to law school because they have decent grades and it's a logical next step. A lot of people go to law school leave school or practice at some point because they're just not that into it. The OP is considering the financial implications, but I wouldn't give up a decent career to go to law school unless the study and practice of law was really what I wanted to do. Of course, they won't know 100% now, but a financial risk makes more sense if they have strong reasons for choosing law over their master's or staying where they are. I gave up a decent and enjoyable career to go to law school and while I've had fleeting moments of regret, especially in the early days of practice, I love being a lawyer, being part of the profession and my work. I gave up a low six figure salary and while there were financial implications and considerations, I had a fundamental desire to help solve problems through the law and that has motivated me to this day.
  6. Do you want to go to law school?
  7. spider solitaire, although I don't think that's what you meant. It's good for playing while listening to podcasts.
  8. Clicked on this thread for updates on Ottawa salaries. This should now be a new topic: Toronto real estate prices.
  9. Wow. You make the highest articling salary I've heard of.
  10. Unpaid articles should be banned. It's abusive and takes advantage of students who are about to become fellow lawyers. It belittles the profession as a whole. I'm curious about how many students a year accept unpaid articles and how they are treated. I would do the LPP as well. The folks I know who did the LPP are doing fine now.
  11. Baby Lawyer sounds like a really bad movie starring the Rock as the part-time dad of Baby Lawyer who gets looped in to helping Baby Lawyer take on a big bad pharmaceutical company all the way to SCOTUS and along the way learns the true meaning of fatherhood.
  12. I wanted to start earlier (a decision I later regretted. Could have used the time off.) and emailed asking if starting in July was possible. It was no problem at all in my case, but as erinl2 says above, you have to gauge your firm.
  13. Try the territories. Good salaries and benefits and they are often looking for lawyers.
  14. you must be a hit at parties, man
  15. Yes, in house counsel are generally eligible for company pension plans and then depending on their level, company bonuses, stock sharing opportunities, and other financial incentives. When it comes to in house pension plans, thought, Defined Benefit pensions are nearly gone. I know that last year, another of the Big Five banks, which still had a DB pension that in house legal counsel would be eligible for, moved to the more common DC pension. Lots of marketing/communications about how great DC is, but I would guess that the long term staffers would not give up their DB for a DC pension for a million (or three) dollars. Literally.
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