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  1. Checked my application through the application checker today and my status changed -- looks like some offers may be out!
  2. Thanks for the info guys! Does anyone know about BLG or any other biglaw firms? I'll be out there in August, and unfortunately my school doesn't post info on any of these tours. So far I know that I won't be able to make Stikeman's (July 22) or Blakes' firm tours, but that I will be able to make Torys' (Aug 19) and Fasken's (Aug 13). Does anyone know of any other ones that are in August? Thanks in advance for all your help!
  3. Does anyone know if Blakes or Davies are doing summer firm tours/open houses this year? I can't seem to find any info on their websites. Thanks!
  4. Are you around tomorrow? I'm free to hang
  5. Will having a macbook be an issue? Is there any software students are required to use that would be incompatible with macs?
  6. The draft exam timetables have been posted on the Robson Hall website. Do they usually change after school starts? Can I plan my flights home based on the drafts?
  7. Hi all, Just wanted to learn more about Robson Hall and what to expect. Anyone free to chat over coffee?
  8. I applied to a lot of schools knowing pretty much all of them were long shots - Osgoode, Toronto, Queen's, Western, and UBC.
  9. I chose Pembina over the other ones because I wanted my own washroom and didn't want a roommate.
  10. Just wanted to update this post for future reference. I ended up getting into the University of Manitoba with an LSAT score of 163.
  11. Do we need any formal attire? I ran into a UBC law student at school and she told me I should be prepared to bring one suit and one formal dress. Do I need a formal dress? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply! I guess I'm in a real tough situation. If I were to get above a 170 would my chances still be very slim? Is law school just not gonna happen for me?
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