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  1. I worked during my 3rd year, but I think working during 1L is probably a bad idea. Get your feet wet first and find determine how you find law school.
  2. Of interest to you will be the first year timetable. http://law.usask.ca/students/current-students/class-and-exam-schedules.php
  3. You have a chance - can't say as to how good of a chance, but I definitely wouldn't rule you out. Take a look at the previous accepted threads to get an idea as to where you stand.
  4. http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/downloads/GradeConversion.xls
  5. I know of some people who were accepted in August; even as late as the week before school started. There's plenty of time left in the cycle.
  6. I know of one person who got in with a 154, but they were from Sask, and pretty sure had a near perfect GPA.
  7. Oldschool should have posted their entire Bus Org CANs...because everyone wants to relive/experience Bus Org with Flannigan...
  8. Sherbrooke did not win sports, there was a 3 way tie between Sherbrooke, Dal and Sask. Dal ended up getting sports in the tiebreaker as they appeared in more finals/got more seconds.
  9. Only way to know that is to email Doreen and ask.
  10. Disregard what UofC does, and just use the UofS excel according to what appears on your transcript (this is what the adcom will see). In my undergrad, 80% came out to a B+, and 85% an A-. With UofS starting it's A- at 80% my average was brought down, but that's life. If you want precise clarification it'd be best to email Doreen Petrow.
  11. I find it humorous how Mike seems to dodge the pit that all the other new associates get piled into... the pit is far more accurate.
  12. Does your transcript show letter grades? If so, use the alpha.
  13. Some of those factors sound a little subjective, but you can find what a particular firm focuses on, and how many lawyers practice in a particular area through this site: www.nalpcanada.com
  14. It's the first I've heard UVic ranking higher than SFU. I recall them (UVic) generally having lower undergrad acceptance averages than SFU. My information could be outdated though as it's been awhile since I've compared Canadian undergrad schools (they're all relatively the same anyways).
  15. Here ya go: http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/downloads/GradeConversion.xls
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