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  1. Just a warning its not advised to go straight from high-school. You will expedience many issues with the NCA upon returning home.
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with high school only you will defiantly have to take a year in a canadian law school. On top of that you will also have to write 5 Nca exams give or take. Further with all do respect a 22 year old lawyer IMO is immature and inexperienced. Without previous post secondary education you risk not getting a job. Suck it up and do your undergrad your young. Don't be in a rush.
  3. Actually Hegdis, I have studied Law in both countries they are essentially the Same !
  4. ORION, " If you really can't get into any law school in Canada [TRU or Laskin for example] then I would seriously reconsider choosing law as a career path chances are you aren't cut out for it. " This comment is absurd ! Seriously If anything the Common law degree is universal on all grounds. Your statement is incorrect, Countries like the UK and Australia Offer Law Degrees that are Par with Canadian Schools, in fact they are harder then most Canadian Law schools in terms of course work. Grades don't define a person and they sure as hell don't make good lawyers 100% of the time. I know so many UK educated lawyers who where average in Law school and our know top criminal lawyers in Canada, in fact they are better lawyers then the student who got A's. This statement is ridiculous !!! please refrain from using this rubbish on here, you risk putting a bad taste in aspiring lawyers mouths.
  5. I appreciate the Feedback guys, But there is no harm in trying. Cheers
  6. Hi Everyone. I am Currently enrolled in my first year of law in the UK. my question is, how difficult are first year exams here and what should I expect? Currently, in the first year of any LLB degree the exams are as follows: * Contract Law * Tort Law * Const and admin law * Civil justice ( English legal system ) I am finding tort law and contract law to be the hardest two subjects to grasp at the moment. In sifting through multiple forums I have concluded that the Q&A books by Oxford are golden for exam revision although many state that they are total rubbish. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
  7. anyone have her email address ? I hope I am allowed to ask that
  8. HI, I have heard of a few students whom have transferred from a UK law school into a Canadian Law school using the advanced standing method. This is basically where Canadian Law schools allows foreign Law students to transfer after there first year of Law in a common law country, of course these requirements vary between each institution. My question is, has anyone has fulfilled and succeed a transfer from the UK after your first year of Law? Thanks, Ken
  9. Hi, Is it possible to transfer from a U.K Law school ( Leicester in particular) into a Canadian Law school in the Second year. Is there an LSAT required if you do? Have any recent Leicester students on this forum successfully transferred, or are in the process of transferring? Is there a process with NCA that has to be completed before hand? your answers are greatly appreciated.
  10. When I'm implying 2 years 8 months, I'm asking weather it is year round or this includes holidays.
  11. Money is not an issue. I am just concerned if i will be able to study when its 40 Degrees Celsius outside. Also Its 2 years 8 months Full Time ! What does that exactly mean?
  12. Yes, I have exhausted all of my Canadian options.
  13. Hello, I am in a slight dilemma, and cant make up my mind as to what Law school to attend. Its not the weather nor is it the city that I am particularly worried about. The NCA is my biggest concern. To my understanding both law schools cater to Canadians, although bond offers Canadian electives that satisfy the NCA , is this statement correct? Leicester has great reviews, although they do not offer these courses, at-least to my knowledge. Need some insight on which degree is better and the path that has the least resistance. Further there is talk that if you fail bond in the first year they cut your visa and send you home, is there any truth to this statement? I no this is not the case in the U.K. Your answers are greatly appreciated.
  14. To all of you responding, Thank you very much!!!! Diplock, I appreciate your criticism and honesty, therefore I do not take any offence to your comment. I am not particular worried about Articling, as I have a position saved for me ( Family Member). Again thanks for responding everyone !!
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