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  1. This has been my experience thus far. On law school exams generally, once you get passed the "there's a right answer and the law will take me there" attitude that you come in with, the exams aren't that awful (prepping is obviously the worst part). Get used to embracing ambiguity and mentioning it when you are confused in an exam. Sprinkle some policy in here and there, profs love that shit. Also, for the most part, focus on the big picture - don't get caught up on too many details in your prep because if you look at past exams the profs generally tell you what topic/section they want you to discuss explicitly. But also, fuck this shit I can't wait to be done.
  2. You get your student card from a location on York's main campus. You'll also opt in/out of the dental plan at the student centre. That's about it. Osgoode feels like a completely different school and I went to York for UG.
  3. Crime occurs on the York campus (theft, assault etc.), so you have to be vigilant. I live on campus and there was a robbery 50 feet away from my front door. Be aware of the time. Don't walk around campus unaccompanied at night. Stay away from areas that aren't well lit or have little to no traffic. York has a GoSafe initiative, you can request someone to meet you and walk you wherever you need to be, they'll even wait at a bus stop with you. All that being said, I've never felt unsafe on campus. I am a male, however, so perhaps a female could chime in and share their experience. All things considered, I wouldn't turn down the offer out of fear for your safety on campus.
  4. Predictions on this bored are probably accurate for two types of applicants: students with high stats, and those with low stats - anyone can make obvious assumptions. Splitter applicants (to a certain extent) and those who may or may not qualify for the access category don't lend themselves to accurate predictions. The point is that you won't find solace on this board, if anything, most will assume the worst. You have a chance at holistic schools and those that would accept your access claim. You already knew that.
  5. Assume that the people on the admissions committee are rational. For the most part, they've all written the LSAT before, they understand that various things outside the scope of your ability can determine the result. Maybe you were sick, maybe you have anxiety, maybe it was simply a bad day. That's not to say that it couldn't hurt you, I'm simply pointing out that it isn't a hard and fast determination. You've scored higher, so there's no reason to believe that the lower score is the actual indication.
  6. To be honest with you, when I went to the info session, they opened the door and I was absolutely BLASTED by prestige. It was an incredible amount, fucking blinding really. Some students were literally sucked in by the gravitational pull of the prestige. I just couldn't handle it, I had to literally fight what felt like an automatic response from my legs to run, fucking run inside and sign whatever documents they needed to finalize the process. I haven't been able to feel happy about anything since I turned down the offer and went to Osgoode. I had a gimp ankle but exposure to the prestige healed me, god knows what I would've become had I spent 3 years with the full force of the prestige.
  7. You're stoned right now. Don't lie to us all.
  8. Congrats! I'm sure some of the participants in your thread added the caveat "barring exceptional softs", which yours likely are. More often than not, those numbers alone won't gain early acceptance, so you're the exception, which you ought to be proud of.
  9. If you think you're going to walk in there like a bag of nerves with a deer in the headlights look and succeed, you're fucked in the head. You really do need to relax, be one of the people who pats the most nervous guy / girl in the room on the back and assure them they're walking out of this alive. Have some fun with this, law school is more pressure than the LSAT. Get used to it.
  10. Get really fucked up the night before and show up hungover, works every damn time.
  11. Are you still satisfied with it? Have you done anything notable since? When you initially wrote it, were you rushed? If you have the stats you'll get in anyway, but if you have the opportunity to improve this aspect of your application then do it. If you haven't had it read by different people, do that and see what their feedback is. My suggestion is find a grad student and a law student and see if they'd be interested in reading it over and making comments.
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