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  1. I would consider re-writing the LSAT in February as Dalhousie accepts February scores. Your L2 is definitely good enough! The LSAT score might be a bit of a stumbling block however. You can always apply as you are now and then submit your February score to them later. Just to give you an idea - I got accepted last year in March after writing the LSAT in Feb. My stats were a 3.76 L2 and a 161 LSAT, with tons of ECs and great reference letters.
  2. Hopefully this will give you a better idea! 1) With your current stats you realistically will have a very hard time getting in. Your CGPA/L2 are both lower than the average acceptance and you LSAT is also below the 161 that Dal cites (although people have be known to get in with lower). Your best chance would be if they liked your softs so much you made the interview list and got a chance to convince them then. 2) I can't say exactly what your chances would be, but if you were able to score a high LSAT (165+) then it would definitely help to take their eyes off your GPA. Also many schools (Dal included) create a composite score for each candidate based on their LSAT and GPA. Dal weights this 40% LSAT 60% GPA, so you've definitely got some work to do to make up for the GPA portion of your score. 3) You'd be able to look back on previous acceptance threads to see what composite scores resulted in acceptance. Then take your current GPA and figure out what percentile LSAT you'd need to get a good enough score. I believe a composite score of somewhere around the 0.815 and up was usually the ballpark (just off the top of my head!). 4) Tough question for lots of us who have only actually attended (or are going to) one law school. I've only visited Dal (I start in September), and I absolutely loved it while I was there. I attended uOttawa for my undergrad and enjoyed my time here also. I have a few friends in the law program here and they haven't had anything bad to say about it. Hopefully some others can give you more insight into other schools.
  3. congrats! and the new group link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/309130342550411/
  4. I was given until the 22nd to accept, either way I accepted my spot on monday - see you all in September!
  5. i'm in! looks like your predictions were right haha
  6. Just got my acceptance email! HBSc 3.67 B2 Approx 3.5 CGPA 161 LSAT (1st Write)
  7. Congrats! Was your L2 out of 4.0 or 4.3?
  8. Just got this from Rose: "Your application to Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law is complete and will be reviewed once again after we have an opportunity to review more of the applicant pool. All final decisions will be made by mid June and letters confirming our decisions will be mailed out at that time." I expected that to be honest, my stats weren't good enough for auto-acceptance so fingers crossed I hear back in a month or so with good news!
  9. When did you apply? I haven't heard a word since I sent my application in.
  10. That was quick, congrats! Had they sent you an email saying your application was under review? Or did you just get the acceptance email right away?
  11. That's good to hear, I've got one research publication that was include in my resume so fingers crossed it's enough. Congrats on the acceptance!
  12. Thanks for your thoughts xyz! I figured I'll be borderline this year. Was scoring 167 consistently for months while practicing but seemed to choke the day of. Now I'm torn on whether to rewrite or hold out and hope I squeak in this cycle. And congrats cherbear, you look like an ideal candidate for acceptance!
  13. Just got my LSAT score back today, so figured I'd join in the fun and see what my chances look like. Here are my stats: LSAT - 161 (1st write) GPA - 3.67/4.0 (OLSAS, Last 2) in BSc. Ontario Resident Good RLs Excellent ECs (Faculty journal editor, two years of planning 101 week at uottawa plus a few other positions) Work experience in health policy at the government (3 years) and hoping to earn a health policy specialization (mentioned in my letter of intent) Thanks!
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