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  1. Just got waitlisted. Do you guys think its possible they'll get back before the july 1 deadline? Osgoode is by far my #1 choice but have an offer at Ottawa.
  2. does queens assess applicants with percentage if their transcripts have both GPA and percentage?
  3. I was wondering what my chances were for osgoode,western,queens and ottawa. Cgpa:3.4 L2:3.4 (brought down very hard by 1 or 2 really bad courses) Lsat:162 Thanks!
  4. Hello, CGPA: 3.45 LSAT:159 Chances at Ottawa, queens. windsor. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the clarification! Man 91.72 and 91.6 is so high im starting to get worried about the higher competition.
  6. Hello, I am planning on finishing my 4th year undergrad this coming april (2015) however, I have only 14 out of 20 credits completed so I am planning on taking 6 credits during my last school year. When I apply during my 4th year, does UBC consider me a 4th yr student (giving 2.0 cr drop) or am I considered a 3rd year applicant (1.0 cr drop)Thank you.
  7. Hi all, I am planning on applying to UBC law school and I am aware they drop your 2 lowest full year credits. At the university I am attending, there is an option to do credit/ no credit (limit of 2 full year courses) which is receiving the credit but the mark not going towards the cgpa. I was wondering if admissions will still let drop the 2 lowest marks or just use the cr/no cr as the dropped credits. Thank you!
  8. If your referees like to drink tea,getting them a can of fancy flavoured tea from somewhere like davids tea can be a good gift. Its also alot cheaper then $100.
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