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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked already, but i haven't found it in a search. What are the hours on average like in a big law firm in Toronto like as an articling student? as a first year associate? etc.
  2. The poster who said reputation doesn't matter is just insane. There is a huge difference between going to a top US school and Western in terms of what you will end up doing afterwards and who you will meet there.
  3. Lol those rankings are a bit BS. They say Melbourne is a top 11 medical school in the world and yet I cannot think of single reason why it should be.
  4. I'm just wondering. What if you do a L.L.B. or B.A. in Law in the UK, graduate with a 1st class honours and apply to Canadian law schools, would they take you? Assuming you are accepted you would have a significant advantage over your Canadian counterparts since you would have already learned a lot of the material in your first degree?
  5. I agree, its just that the last place i ever expected to become a diploma mill was the United Kingdom. How can an empire fall from controlling 1/4 of the world in 1900 to Online diploma mills by supposedly "reputable" universities in 2013? Its really sad to be honest.
  6. That style of learning is done by some but can't be done by everyone. Having an online degree means people who aren't suited to this learning style will be doing this learning style. So yes, there are some people who can skip lectures, do their work at home and show up for exams, but they are the minority. For example, i learn better in lectures and doing the hands on, communication type work. If i was to sign up for an online law degree, i wouldn't learn as well.
  7. Residents (fresh medical school grads who are doing on the job training) do scut work that attendings don't want to do and hours they don't want to work. Many specialties work 80-100 hours a week and there is no overtime pay.
  8. No idiot is going to think, oh i want to become a doctor because i want to become rich before they ascertain whether or not they want to work in a hospital, work 80-100 hours a week, perform rectal exams, deal with irate patients, see blood (some people are afraid of blood) and waft in the beautiful smell of cadaver, feces and urine on a daily basis. My point is that theres a huge weeding out process from high school all the way till admission to med school where people who have the fantasy of making a ton of money, driving a benz and adding Dr. to their name realize medicine is not for them. The people who get into medical school REALLY want it. Not everyone who really wants it gets in but no one will commit themselves to a life of medicine without knowing they really want to do it.
  9. Well to be honest it is pretty much true that you need to really want med school to get in. If you didn't really want it, how would you get the motivation to get a 3.8+ GPA, a 32+ MCAT, ECs in hospital volunteering, leadership and biomedical research as well as killing the interview (key part). If you never really wanted med or didn't want it for the right reasons, it would show through clear as day during your interview.
  10. Never do online degrees. I can't believe the standards in the UK allow for ONLINE degrees. I mean how low can they go. There is no way you can learn and be a proper lawyer if you do a degree that is online.
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