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  1. If you have secured 2L employment, what is the protocol for the clerkship resume? Do you include your future 2L employment OR do you just not include this new job on the resume for clerking purposes?
  2. If we are still waiting on an ITC, is it acceptable to email the firm, or best to wait and see if we get a call on call day? this firm already sent out ITCs. What is common practice?
  3. Are people sending rejections to firms soon? I'm assuming those of us with 7+ ITCs should send rejections before call day as a courtesy?
  4. cent said yesterday: "ITCs have gone out" So I would assume that's confirmation? The CDO I think is just a list of firms that send out ITCs before call day, not who has sent ITCs already.
  5. Are there any more schools left to do OCIs?
  6. Any news from Crown Law Criminal (Toronto)?
  7. Those of us who interviewed with government received emails saying that we would know shortly about ITCs.
  8. Anyone from any school hear from DOJ/Crown's Office?
  9. Has anyone heard from Power Law?
  10. I havent heard anything for 1L
  11. Wasn't call day Monday for Ottawa?
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